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  1. I'm having this issue right now. I'm trying to install the new update on my mothers laptop but it won't let me. I'm trying to unzip the package but it says the archive is damaged and then it cancels. What do I do to solve this?
  2. Här har ni en till svensk! Spelar dock inte så mycket nu när jag pluggar på universitet, men när jag är långledig så händer det att jag loggar in och kör en sväng
  3. My MP is now fixed, all I had to do was visit a truck dealer and then my jobs appeared. All is well now.
  4. The economy thingy didn't work for me :/ But I'll check out the links.
  5. But if I don't have a truck, how can I do any of those things? These profiles are newly created.
  6. I'm on day 3 of trying to fix MP, it still doesn't work. I thought I fixed it yesterday but I was wrong. I did a few jobs in singleplayer and then entered MP, still no jobs.
  7. I think I fixed the issue. I had to delete all the current profiles and create a new one. I will do the same with ATS. I'll create separate profiles for MP.
  8. Still can't find g_developer and g_console Seriously can't figure out what's wrong. I tried the in game console thing, but nothing appeared.
  9. ^Same for ATS? Can't find anything called g_developer and g_console
  10. That's the issue. I have no jobs. Not even in singleplayer.
  11. Will this work even without my own truck? Since I created a new profile. Also, the same issue in singleplayer. Can't find anything called g_force_economy in my config
  12. Hi, thanks for the update! I've been having some difficulties since installing the new MP mod. Windows 10 updated yesterday, and since then singleplayer nor multiplayer work. No jobs appear, the game closes without giving me a fatal error message or what went wrong. I have no mods installed in singleplayer, same with ETS2. I have to create a new profile to stop the crashing, but then I get no jobs at all. Are you aware of this issue and working on it?
  13. I'm having the same fatal error since updating ATS. Patiently waiting for an MP update.
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