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  1. z1MNpFJ.png


    Country roads, take me racing... Oh wait, I mean home...

  2. C9nbIug.png


    Beep beep! We're in town!

  3. You can now watch the Blue Eyes Teaser video here!



  4. Have a nice day !


  5. Hey there, I am Back :)


  6. aaaaaand im 16 now... yay...


  7. You locked my post and moved it to thread simply stating "The first stage to appealing your ban is to pay a visit to the appeal system."


    However, if you had actually read the post, nowhere in it did it say that I was banned. When I logged off from the game last I wasn't banned, and I'm pretty sure I'm still not banned.


    This just goes to show how little the admins actually care.

  8. Just a few pics from 24S earlier :P



  9. Good night everyone! I found this quote that makes total sense, allow me to share it with you!


    “Good things come to those who wait… greater things come to those who get off their ass and do anything to make it happen.”


    Thanks and have a great Friday/weekend everyone!



  10. UK people - any snow in your area yet?

  11. I am happy to announce our brand new Red Line Cargo Logo! :wub:


    Big credits to dawetther :love:


  12. Streaming some admin work if you want to watch. Not using mic currently, but will answer in chat if able to.


  13. Goodnight, Everyone! :thisisfine:

  14. Hello all it has been 3 years since i first signed up to truckersmp its been so great and the experience i have had on the way is amazing its so weird how a multiplayer game can do so much i have met people on tmp that i now know in real life its great i cant be thankful enough for the time and effot the truckersmp team put in thank you TMP


    Day i joined: 02 Aug 2015 18:52


    Kind regards - RedtrenDante

  15. evening all hope you all well

  16. Goodnight Everyone :) Sleep Well 

  17. How to park a caravan? Here the answer:






    Thanks for the trip!


    @Wheezy @Krewlex @dualznz @Speedy_TMP @Sgt_Tailor @Ray Dobson



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