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  1. @Penguin

    Well nice convoy you guys organised. -HUUUGE THANKS TO YOU GUYS-

    Is there already a next one planned (yea i know theres the real ops on the 11th)


    Btw: If you need any fish just let me know i will do my best ;)

    1. Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      Trucker Dashcam // Sweden

      you better give @Penguin his fish also i hope to see you on 11th

    2. MR_XY2


      well i will try to be there i hope i wont get any sppeding tickets on 11th xD

      because i am always slightly over the limit (like 2x the limit on highways) B)

    3. Penguin


      Thanks so much for coming! SOFTUF wasn't an official convoy, but SOFTUF is my gaming community, and we're 1 year old tomorrow :P

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