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  1. Italia DLC Giveaway

    I guess only a small portion of those 1,8M players are actually active and even less people probably read this post. Plus, I haven't seen a lot of people with the tag ingame... But I guess your point is still valid
  2. Show ban duration in accepted report

    Suggestion Name: Show ban duration in an accepted report Suggestion Description: Add a new line that shows the date when the reported player gets unbanned. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It is much easier and faster to see how long a player has been banned because you don't need to visit the perpetrators profile first.
  3. Rate the song above you [V2]

    9/10 I actually quite like that one
  4. My experience as a brand new ETS2 player

    The problem with ETS2 Multiplayer is that the ingame time on your profile is more or less completely independent from the time on the server. The time is always running on the server - even if you're offline. This is why your job will be too late if you quit MP during a job and then return several hours/days later. Now, when you create a new profile, you pick up your job on on "day one", while the time on the server is far ahead. If you then proceed to deliver your cargo... well, you get the idea. The only solution is to trigger a so-called economy, you can do that via ETS2s console, or you can fast forward time simply by calling service (F7) or sleeping. Your job offers will expire and that will trigger an economy reset as well The problem is that at the beginning, you don't have an own truck, so you won't be able to get into the actual simulation to do the above mentioned things (except for the console economy reset I think) before picking up a job. The easiest solution to that problem is to (make a new profile), drive in singleplayer until you can afford your own truck and then head to the MP. Now, when you do an economy reset by fast-forwarding time, it may happen that your game freezes for a couple minutes. I honestly can't explain exactly why it does that since I'm not a developer and I'm only writing this from my own experience, but that's quite normal. And after that, you won't have any problems, unless you don't play MP for a few months, or create a new profile. I hope that somehow explained it. Again, I'm not a developer, so I can't guarantee you that everything I said is 100% correct.
  5. And this is the problem, TruckersMP gets way too many reports about small stuff like that, while "more important" things like trolling or intentional ramming (the only real problem!) go unnoticed (And the length of a ban for that is often way too short in comparison). You can't really blame staff for that, but those players that submit literally thousands of reports.
  6. How big is your Steam folder?

    425GB over two HDDs
  7. Italia DLC Giveaway

    ugh no I guess only the "green" ones count? xD
  8. In-Game call

    To be honest I think this is a bit unnecessary. There are enough (free) services out there that offer exactly what you're asking for - no need to reinvent the wheel. You also have to keep in mind that this would put even more stress on servers if you want a decent audio quality.
  9. Three word story making...

    BWM actually sucks
  10. Three word story making...

    panic as they
  11. Three word story making...

    his third wife
  12. Smalltalk

    Also die Lampen auf dem Dach... Das tut ja in den Augen weh ;D alleine schon dass das nicht symmetrisch angeordnet ist! ;D Nein ernsthaft, ich finde weniger ist manchmal mehr, deshalb habe ich gerade so ein paar von den Eckigen Lampen (mir ist der Name entfallen) dran und an der Sonnenblende am DAF zwei Rundumleuchten.
  13. Heavy trailers keep bouncing.

    The reason why they're bouncing is that the load is not properly balanced across the 5 axles of the trailer (assuming you're using the Goldhofer MPA-K). Try playing around with the cog_longitudinal_offset to balance the load properly. This way, you can even safely transport 300+ tons.
  14. EU 3 (Test server)

    Du hast vollkommen Recht, natürlich ist das Quatsch. Das ist auch mit der Grund für das komische Fahrverhalten. Angeblich hat man das so gemacht, dass man Polizeiautos nicht weg rammen kann, aber dass das dann auch Trolls ausnutzen können wurde scheinbar nicht bedacht.
  15. EU 3 (Test server)

    So einfach ist es nun auch wieder nicht, das Gewicht wurde beim Auto völlig absichtlich auf knapp unter 21 Tonnen gesetzt. Um das auszugleichen, hat der Motor wenn ich mich richtig erinnere auch über 1500 PS. Die collisions können sehr fein im 3D Modell festgelegt werden. Technisch gesehen ist es absolut kein Problem, den Skoda (mehr oder weniger) realistisch zu machen. Es gibt natürlich einige Konstante, die nicht verändert werden können, dazu zählt aber das Gewicht mit Sicherheit nicht.