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  1. Monday motivation! just 4 more days till the weekend!


  2. i remember when we we're doing some ''ungreying'' with some cars wityh some people of my VTC never knew they we're that bad to drive. we did it on eu4 to make sure we didn't bother anyone and didn't any damage to anyone as well. not less then 5 minuts later, 1 person misjudged a corner and flew over the gaurdrail. i ended up on the fence (actually ended up on a fence) for the rest, i don't have the best expierence with cars. some drivers are great. but alot of car drivers are not the best.
  3. Stravangen towards oslo. not sure why, but it has a bit of everything. moutains, highway and country roads. love that road!
  4. Photo i took when i was on my way from norway to italy. still one of the best solo pics i've ever taken!
  5. Left hand drive, mainly because it's easier to merge in mainland europe. but also because i'm used to driving left hand mirror wise etc.
  6. all VTC's that you spot on the road. have paintjobs that can be found ingame, they just use a paintjob that can be found in the service (standard or DLC) and just add the colors they want. as far as i'm aware TMP doesn't support costum painjobs. unless it changed in a the last few days.
  7. Scania S, 6x2 Rear lift, i can just use it for everything. heavy load. light load. long haul or short haul. with the right engine you can take on everything. if scania would get removed. DAF 105 super space. more for the fuel than the power.
  8. he means that ingame you can have a broader view than you would have IRL. some people have it set so you can see both mirrors without having to move your camera position or having the F2 camera's going.
  9. right. i think you misunderstood me. most of the people i see and drive with are normal and take the game a bit more serious. don't get me wrong. i LOVE driving with other people. doesn't matter if it's randoms or people i already know ( IE friends or people from my VTC) what i don't like is people who drive like a mad man and think they are in single player. whenever it's peak time. i just try to avoid the places that are known the cause trouble. more for my own sake than the sake of others to be honest.
  10. Some people take the game more serious then others. i try to not to pay to much attention to it. and also try to aviod the heavy area's during peak time. i would say: just avoid the high population area's during peak times. and keep following the rules like you already do. once someone get's to bed, just report them. that's what i tend to do and i'm not having alot of issues anymore.
  11. The roads between stravangen en oslo (i believe) bit of highway, bit of country roads. and also some mountain roads. the underground roundabout. love that road.
  12. i've never really tried anything like this. i'm more of a fan of trucky more to see where a congested road is while i'm on the road and can take a diffrent road https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trucky&gl=NL
  13. maybe check if you acidently assigned your RMB to your handbrake? i've had the same issue and turned out to be it.
  14. i've had the map completed on a old profile. this was just before italy released. afther that i had a crash in my pc and had no way to recover my profile and had to start from scratch, i'm at around 70% ish. hope to have it completed before the new DLC is released.
  15. i tend to just turn off my cb radio as soon as login. because usually there is someone either yelling in their mic, blasting music or what ever. and i just don't like that. if i need someone ingame i just quickly typ them a message. usually i just use discord because the main people i drive with are people i'm friends with or i'm in the same VTC with.
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