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  1. Coolest truck paintjob

    love the colour on the truck, don't like it on the trailer tho.
  2. I'm Stuck in the same gear in the car

    Hi, this is a known bug. you have to change your gearbox to a sequential gearbox to your gameplay settings. it does mean that you have to shift yourself, so make sure you check what keybinds you have to swift with.
  3. Coolest truck paintjob

    Looks very clean man!
  4. About chassis?

    yep. i had that Mercedes for a while, 700 liters. when doing a long journey you have to fill up once or twice often. and i thought it was 600l?
  5. Coolest truck paintjob

    I'm in love with the new Dutch paintjob DLC, would post a picture if i could but they are to big.
  6. Setup?

    pc: Intel quad core i5 7400 geforce 1060 GTX 6gb 16gb of ddr4 ram. 1tb hdd and a 256gb ssd 3tb External hard drive. Gigabyte mb (can't quiet remember wich one) Asus VZ229H moniter. (21.5'') i use a old moniter as a second moniter, and my tv as a third sometimes Logitech g920 wheel (no shifter) Razer BlackWidow V2 (yellow switches) Razer Deathadder Elite. Razer man-o-war Headset (picked it up yesterday and i love it so far)
  7. What is everyone thinking of the new beta, i absolutly love it!

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    2. [ST-E] mrhijden

      [ST-E] mrhijden

      That justdepends how long it's gonna take for them to fix all the bugs, but they are minor bugs and (hopefully) fixed quiet fast. and otherwise. we gotta wait and hope when it get's released. that TMP is able to update to it quiet fast.

    3. olioak


      I'm praying that it won't take too long because this update has got me hyped!!! 

    4. francesco_c


      I tried the beta and I must say that it is really beautiful

  8. ETS2 1.32 update

    i've really enoyed the beta so far, only thing i did notice. is when i drop the trailer i bought into a garage, it somnetimes crashes the game. but for the rest. only good things.
  9. i just find it fun sometimes to go down that road, while i have all DLC's as well. but only do it like once a week. just because we can.
  10. New Truck coming to ETS 2

    i hope this man is any good, would be great to drive a man i can finally enjoy.
  11. American steak house melt on white bread with all veggies beside olives, tomato and peppers.
  12. What radio do you tune into your truck?

    usually i have my own music on, but if not, i usually listen to TruckersFM
  13. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    sounds wierd. but eu2. a bit of a challange is fun sometimes. for conboys i'd rather drive on 3 or 4 tho.
  14. 1.32 Update Changes for ATS & ETS2 Trailer Ownership!

    hope the full release will be anything as good as the beta. because the beta is alot of fun. and does anyone know if it will be supported by tmp?
  15. Dutch Paint Jobs Pack DLC Steam.

    kan best zijn dat we nog een paar weken aant wachten zijn, moeten maar gewoon geduld hebben.