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  1. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Would you choose to go to Duisburg?

    i try to avoid it as much as possible. sometimes i might feel like a challange and quiet fast i regret every single bit of it!
  2. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Cars ?

    think most of us think the same it's a shame that these cars got added. but it seems like they don't go anywhere anytime soon. best you can do is go as far as possible from any busy area and try to avoid them. sadly there are people who think it's fun to ruin other people's day by doing this. just try to ignore them and report them ingame and/or on the site. only thing we can do is keep reporting them and try to get rid of the bad apples are much as possible. but so far. no luck we gotta keep going.
  3. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Radio Stations

    If i listen to radio i use 1 of 3. Truckers FM Qmusic Limburg or QMusic foute uur (guilty pleasure) if not one of the named above. i usually have a Deezer on flow or youtube on auto play with what ever i'm feeling like
  4. [ST-E] mrhijden

    normal WoT deliveries vs. deliveries with own trailer

    as far as i can see, the trailer owned jobs give you more money, jobs with same load and around the same distance, give me more money as a trailer owned compared to wot or freight market.
  5. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Get my truck rdy for his longest ride

    i would say. just drive what you think looks good/like. i've always had problems as well. and just said... screw it i do what i like.
  6. [ST-E] mrhijden

    VTC Recruitment

    i believe our VTC started with mouth to mouth afther that online. and then the forums. all starts are hard. i would say to start (atm) on discord and the forums.
  7. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Trucksbook premium

    sounds like every company basicly. it's never there fault. always yours.
  8. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Who is ready for the summer sale!

    Already have all the dlc. I wish the newest one would release this moment. But steam sale is always great fun. You try games you wouldn't otherwise try because. Hey why not gamble for a few bucks.
  9. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Is the Italia DLC worth getting now ?

    Italy is in my opion hands down the best DLC. i often find myself going from name what ever location you want. to italy. and doing several smaller jobs in italy before heading back to a other county. somehow i often end up there just don't know how i keep finding jobs that keep going there. like the game knows i like going there.
  10. [ST-E] mrhijden

    Minimum speed

    if your talking ingame, i would say not more then 10 km/h under. to prevent traffic building and people starting to get annoyed. and highway i would say atleast 60 km/h so if it turns single lane, you don't hold up people up to much.
  11. [ST-E] mrhijden

    How do you see TMP updates to servers and rules?

    usually i don't obey the speed limt. BUT when i drive over the speedlimit it's max 56 mph. and ofcourse when it's safe to do. usually when driving on C-D i follow the flow of traffic. when there is nobody around, usually 50 mph. wich is perfectly safe imo. as long as the person that drives knows how to drive.
  12. [ST-E] mrhijden


    what you can do. is when you want a little racing, near limonge ( sorry if mis spelled) there is a gass station that has a big parking lot. sometimes when i'm bored i go there with some people from my vtc and have some fun there. who lasts the longest. wins!
  13. [ST-E] mrhijden

    What do you want to?

    easy for me, get the skoda's out. i remember the massive traffic jams at Europoort. they we're some of the best times i had ingame. made some friends there. found my VTC there. i have some good memories pre-skoda.
  14. your not alone.alot of people dislike cars. and alot of people tried to get TMP to see they have to go. sadly i think they are here to stay. Personally i would love to see them gone as well.
  15. [ST-E] mrhijden

    What's the reason of beeping for you?

    usually when i see someone is swearving out of there lane when i try to overtake. i quickly give them a honk. and sometimes (when no one is infront of me) when someone passes me on the other side of the road.