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  1. greengangster01

    TruckersMP, Unsupported game version

    Thank you @EnLight The Other topic you posted seems to have corrected my problem.
  2. greengangster01

    TruckersMP, Unsupported game version

    I keep getting the error message after updating Truckers MP to the latest version and attempting to launch ETS2MP. I have my game updated to the latest version but the MP side of things does not recognize this. I have uninstallled and reinstalled Truckers MP 4 times. Deleted the MP Files in my documents 3 times. and uninstalled and reinstalled ETS 2 Twice. Like i said my game is in the most current version. I have tried starting as a admin but that didn't help. Hopefully a fix can be found soon.
  3. greengangster01

    Are Co-Admins a thing??

    I ran into a guy named "Plac Ghost" claiming he was a co admin. I was not aware that co admins are a thing. Is this true?
  4. 32 Bit is very uncommon anyways and is limited on RAM
  5. greengangster01

    Rotterdam Chaos.

    Player was "Rakub" (1339)