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    Denmark - Allerød
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    Horses, Gaming on PC & PS4, livestreaming on Twitch, Army stuff/Home Guard and photography
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About Me

Hey im a women born in 93 and i live in Denmark. :) I play alot of ATS & ETS2 and i also love to livestreame it on Twitch, where my name is Miss_WarHorze. ;)I love to play these games, because of the social thing in it, but also because it's some cozy and relaxing games to. :) I hope to find some new friends or driving buddies in here or in game, but i only wanna drive together with adult people 18+ years. :)  


I play many deffriend games in the category: Shooting, racing, horse, and simulator games. :) But im sadly not into fantasy and MOBA games. :D 


My biggest interests are: PC/PS4 gaming, livestreaming on Twitch, horses, army stuff/The Danish Home Guard (A volunteering soldier job like the american The National Guard, but just in Denmark), watching tv-series/movies, long walks/walking events, outdoor life, be with friends and meet new people. :) 


You are more than welcome to write an PM to me in here if you wanna drive together, ask me something or just chat, i would love to hear from you!. :) 

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