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  1. [WTLVTC]-Truckerpilot

    trailer ownership

    This more than likely will be available in MP as we strive to make sure that all features of the game are able to be used in MP
  2. :) hi trucker hows it going 

    1. S.E.T  AssassinGoEasy

      S.E.T AssassinGoEasy

      Trucking on ATS is funn if anyone wants to join :)

    2. S.E.T  AssassinGoEasy

      S.E.T AssassinGoEasy

      GoodMorning Everyone :)


  3. Congratulations mate! Good luck with you new role & duties 

  4. Congrats on Game Moderator :)

  5. Congratulation on your new role:wub:

  6. Congratulations on your full power:D

  7. Congratulations on Game Moderator 

  8. Congrats on your new position!

  9. Well done on GM :)


    1. RAGE [FR]

      RAGE [FR]

      thanks for the follow :) 

    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Thanks for the follow from me too!

    3. Rico.
  10. looking for the assistance of someone who is into web development as i need help with a project im working on at the moment.

    1. S.E.T  AssassinGoEasy

      S.E.T AssassinGoEasy

      i would like to help you what are you doing?