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  1. Im getting the same error, but the "solution" didnt work for me. Its trying to update the game again as soon as i temporary. I set it to pause, but still gives me the error. I have also set it to "Only update this game when i launch it", but still updates it without me launching it.
  2. Hi. Im just wondering, how do i get my company name in front of my name in ATS? I see alot of ppl have red or blue company names.
  3. Alright then. Wont try to use mod in multiplayer anymore ^^ Thank you
  4. What? Really? I see alot of ppl with skins on their trucks. Are those skins that you unlock?
  5. So, i just downloaded 2 skin mods. But when im trying to access mod manager, the game doesnt want to do anything and freezes. Deleted the mods, but still wont access mod manager. Tried singleplayer and i can access mod manager. Ideas?
  6. Why have quote if i cant quote..? >.< Sleeping worked. Ty.
  7. ^ Haha Now im in ^^ But another question, why cant i find any jobs?
  8. ^ You know what? Im sorry Please believe me, this is the first time this has happend... I clicked the wrong icon on my desktop... Sorry xD
  9. Hi ;D So i just bought ATS today. I downloaded the mod and installed it. Clicked the icon on my desktop, the game started and is showing "Mod manager" in the profile selection screen. So i guess i did something right. But how do i know im online? Where do i see other ppl? Do i see them on my map? Cant seem to understand if im online or not.
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