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  1. ICELogistics_Banner.png



    ICE Logistics is a ETS2 and ATS VTC, providing a happy place to work with the best team in the VTC community. Our development team always providing up to date websites, software, mods and more. 

    We host public weekly convoys through the base and through DLC maps, so there's never an area that we're missing out on. 

    Like every other VTC, we have all the essentials, custom drivers hub, custom mods, custom software, and of course, a friendly team.





    Our management team are always on top of everything we do, that goes from running the VTC, organising official and non-official events, updating the technology and so much more. With our management team, we'll never let down a member of staff of either a request, or a wish. 





    At ICE Logistics, we have some of the best development staff providing new and update to date system's, not only to make the VTC all high tech, but to ease off pressure from our staff to manually log loads, to view TruckersMP server status', to log absence's, to share their images, and to plainly have fun. 

    Our system's are hosting on our own servers, meaning no data leakage and speedy system recovery if a server goes dead.



     If you feel ready to join a team of professional staff then please do so here.

    If you have any questions about the VTC then please send us an email at [email protected]
    If you have any questions about development then send us an email at [email protected]

    If you would like to join our discord server, then please join here


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  2. Hello @Roelvink!

    I experience this too, its when you go near a populated area. When in range of other players, TMP starts to import all the models into your game, you cant see them due to your distance, but they are there, causing the game to lower in FPS.

    The best thing you can do which you done already is lower your quality settings, or even use gamemode provided in Windows 10, Avast (In the Avast Anti-Virus software) or GeForce Experience (If your using a NVIDIA GeForce GPU). Another thing you can do is go to your TMP settings in game (Tab > Right click > Gameplay (I think) > Player range (I think)) to lower your player loading range, this can help with your FPS issues too due to if the players are 500 metres away and you got it set to 300 metres, the players wont load in, reducing the models being imported, increasing FPS. It sounds really confusing but I hope you get it.

  3. As a ex VTC owner, I can list everything that you need.

    Start - Fairly new (Just think of one thing, simple)
    - A name (According to TMP rules it cant be a real trucking company name, so make one yourself, for example, using your username I can make Bravo12 Transportation)
    - A website (Doesn't have to paid for, just use something like wix or weebly. If you do want to go bigger, then get a custom domain, and a custom website coded in PHP (PHP is better due to so many open possibilities))
    - A paintjob (To be used in TMP, it needs to be a base game paintjob, in singleplayer, you can use a software called ETS2Studio and Paint.net to create your own paintjobs)
    - A job logger (VTLog is the best and free auto logging software for VTC's, does need quite a bit of setup)

    - A logo (Simple logo, doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes the plain logo's are the best logo's)
    - A application form (Just use google forms, very simple and free, multiple people can view this if you shared it with them)
    - A group chat (Group chats are very useful for talking to your staff members, overall, a discord server would be even more useful)

    ------ Everything below this line is more advanced/complicated, but always still good to look at ------

    Older - Few months old (Time to get a bit more complicated)
    - Website Upgrade (Now how I said to use PHP for the website, well, you're able to make a list of all your drivers in a table by using MySQL of which PHP is used to connect to it, note, you need a hosting provider, it cant be wix or weebly. It needs to be like FyfeWeb)

    1. Driver list
    2. Custom application form (Without using google forms, very useful, with this, again PHP is needed, but now you can include Discord Webhook's)


    Even more older - A year possibly (Lets get even more complicated)
    Congrats, you've reached a year old. Now its time to get even more complicated.

    First off, get a development team that is willing to work for you, but yet with you. Get a fully custom drivers hub on your website that only staff members can login to, this is very useful to make pages for loads, absence's, mods, help and much more. Note when I said "loads", that cant be done via VTLog (I think). 

    If your development team is really good, they can use C++ or C# to create a tracking software for the game using ETCars or FunBit Telemetry. This can also include Discord Rich Presence, a live driver map and most of all, auto logging. 

    I hope you get a VTC started, its much fun. Best of luck!

    Here are few links of the stuff I said above
    ETCARS: https://etcars.menzelstudios.com
    FUNBIT TELEMENTRY: https://github.com/Funbit/ets2-telemetry-server
    VTLOG: https://vtlog.net/
    DISCORD: https://discordapp.com

  4. Got to love the sun sets. By the way, everyone can talk on this. Give your opinions and thoughts about the images i'm posting. Maybe give some tips and tricks also??



  5. Hello,

    Well, to do this you maybe want to use C# with some type of PHP login verification. However, C# doesn't give many UI looks, unless your gonna spend £400+ on bunifu framework. Then once you have the login done, you want it to show the dashboard form, with all the fancy buttons and maybe the FunBit Telemetry server details, with possibly discord rich presence (just because). However, if your wanting to go more extreme, then use ETCars, ETCars doesn't need a external server unlike FunBit Telemetry, however you can find a way to implement the server into the tracker it self (Which I have not been successful in yet).

    I've made a fully functional tracker, logger, live map and discord rich presence for ICE Logistics all in C#, PHP, HTML and Javascript. Took a while but it got there in the end.

    Hope it goes well, best of luck :wub:

    Many Thanks
    - Rhys

  6. Hello!

    I have created my own map (https://ice-logistics-vtc.cf/map/). What you can do is get the VTLog map which runs in HTML and JavaScript so PHP isn't required for that part. However, if your wanting to use the map for VTC driver's. Then make the tracker send a POST to a MySQL database every 5 seconds with the location numbers. 

    Then use PHP to output the MySQL table in a json format of which then the map can read. However, when the player isn't online, the dots will still show unless you do make it so it doesn't output the row that the offline player is in.

    Its really confusing when reading it but I hope you understand.

    Many Thanks
    - Rhys

  7. UPDATE - 23/12/18
    Added new parts.
    - Discord Download/Public Test Build
    - Discord Store

    Altered Parts.
    - URL List
    If you would like to contribute to this guide, then just PM me with the details you want added

  8. This can be done, but it will consists of large coding.

    You would have to do create script to measure the amount of horn was used in a time period, and once it reaches a set number then it will possibly bring up a message or possibly kick the player.

    - Less bans
    - Less people getting annoyed

    - Hard to program
    - Can be false triggered (For example, a random bug when you open the menu with the horn key pressed)

    - DRAGON

  9. UPDATE - 13/8/18

    Added new parts.
    - How to create a server
    - How to remove a server

    If you would like to contribute to this guide, then just PM me with the details you want added

    (Also thanks to everyone loving this guide :wub:)

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