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  1. Falaee Galerinha do Asfalto Virtual.. Ja propus esta idéia ao pessoal do MP e da SCS. Mas tem uma galera, que acho só conhecer a vida estradeira pela TV que não apoiou e até foram contra minha idéia. Especialmente os players europeus foram contra e até achando a idéia confusa, acho que eles vivem outra realizada. Então eu acho que nós, brasileiros que temos a vida mais doida, devemos propor a idéia de novo, de novoo e de novoooo.. Eu apóio.
  2. Location and resizing of the screen's rearview mirrors. I suggest changing the location and resizing of the screen's rearview mirrors (accessed by the F2 key). I suggest putting them a little higher up, near the top of the game window and decreasing by about 30% their size. They take up a lot of space and hinder the driver's vision. Note: Internet picture of the forum: https://www.eurotruck2.com.br/2018/05/mod-mini-espelhos-v30-para-v131x-by.html - credit from mods: By Rockeropasiempre
  3. Suggestion Name: NEW OFFICE LOCATIONS Description of suggestion: The suggestion would be to place offices for the recovery of vehicles and trailers at the major highways and not simply at any fuel station, but only at the larger ones, thus preventing entry into certain cities full of traffic which generally lag on the server or even avoid using the shortcut F7 to go to the workshops, thus forcing the driver to drive his vehicle to one of these stations. Any sample image: https://prnt.sc/n4wugd (exemple) Why should it be added ?: We would avoid as soon as we entered cities, sometimes without any other need but to recover the vehicle and consequently would generate the decrease of the LAG caused by great traffic.
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