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  1. love it when someone from smowmall media taks mick out of people that cart spell

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    2. .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      so it fine for him to tak the micky out of people with disability then

    3. Mirrland


      No, that's not what I'm saying. You knew that he had no idea that you had a disability, what's the point in attempting to embarrass Snowball Media?

    4. Sir Smokey - #24S

      Sir Smokey - #24S

      What's even funnier is me being banned with false evidence, let's stop this fight before it start eh? :D

  2. love how everyone going of on 1 when MP got down are stop working why not go on a differnt game

  3. when the car's really come into play looks good be hell on mp tho


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    2. Narod


      Lol I knew it was fake, the obvious bad spelling and the article made no sense xD

    3. ZuLynx


      I hate you, you know that, huh ?

    4. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      hmmm virus detected via that jpeg file on that website image to prove



  4. new pc orderd :D happy days done have to play on high settings no more and be recording my games

  5. good moring trucker hope your all going to have a good sunday and have a good drive on truckerMP have a safe drive :D

    1. SimulatorExperiencer


      :D Good Morning Bro, you have a awesome day and have lots of fun.

  6. C.T.L is Now Recruiting, Looking for Drivers and More. If Interested messege me on here

  7. off work for 4 months :( as i wos in a crash the over week involving a car and me in a lorry :( have to play ets2 for a some time now who wants to play i go on long convoys and love to drive all over the map add me on steam ill be on everyday

    1. Mirko9


      Iam sorry for you ! :o:(

    2. .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      joys if been a lorry diver i say


  8. who says that Trucker MP should habe a sever what can hold the Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack  for players who have the DLC and players who don't have the dlc cart join the sever cos we had the DLC for a long time now and with a new trailer what not like the overs over players cart see them who dont have it and the should be just 1 sever with it on so player who do have it can play with it online who says the should do it for players with the DLC :)


    1. Forraz


      I think this has been suggested before. It would be better to wait for support to the DLC rather than split up the community.

      Like everyone else, I look forward to the DLC's support too; But there has yet to be any announcement of it.

    2. .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      but it wont come out on mp cos it be like a pint job everyone can see it if the got the dlc with the trailers the longer so people what dont have it cart see it

  9. new years party in midland teamspeak tunes banging no driving tonight for us :P    safe driving everyone happy new year 2017 bring the new trucks and trailers to scs and mp have fun everyone drive safe :wub:

  10. u know when it gone to far when someone makes a   No Damage Mod on mp needs sorting out this   


    1. FirestarteR93


      well...Not really - no damage mods have been out pretty much since ETS came out. Also as TMP does not have its own economy, Using money cheat and such no-damage mod  is OK as long as people don't abuse it to mess up(troll) other players

    2. .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      .(DIESEL GYPSY).

      i know it been out but if someone loses control of the lorry/car and hit you and u get 100& and wod be a bit nafft off that he can start back up and u got to F7 back to where you come from 

  11. free ts for people who dont have one and need one for the freands eu65.ts3.cloud:5119

  12. Thanks for the follow, do appreciate it! :P

  13. yet more roundabouts with random stuff on http://imgur.com/xFWcLmQ  if this wos the UK be more crashes than drinking :D