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  1. Ready for the World Cup which starts tomorrow? I certainly am! :D





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    2. schrute_farms


      @Will [UK]


      Would not/ Will not :)


      I'm a huge fan of the Scottish independence referendum and still hope, this dream comes true. Shout out to our Irish folks <3 <3 <3. You did it.


      edit : Gareth Bale is indeed a weapon, IF he doesnt get injured. ;) Ramsey is well known, and Davis did very well last season.

    3. Will [UK]

      Will [UK]

      That's massively debatable - Scotland would struggle as an independent country having studied it. 


      Ireland's a tricky one as you've also got the problem with Northern Ireland (which Michel Barnier is trying to use to blackmail the UK into signing a bad deal with the EU), over half of its population wish to remain British.

      The IRA were an evil and nasty group who sought nothing but terror among the British people and to get their name out in the name of Ireland.

      Similarly, Islamic State are a group that are attempting to hijack the religion of Islam to get their name out... If Islamic State are classed as terrorists, so should the IRA.


      If I'm being completely honest, the next referendum should be a UK wide one and it should be along the lines of "Should the United Kingdom remain as one entity or split into separate, self-governing nations?". Once that vote is over with, if it is a remain vote, that should be the end of all independence attempts on the British Isles.

    4. schrute_farms


      Well said, but comparing Islamic State with the IRA goes "BIT" too far. Dont want to start a political debate 'bout that but there are secessionist on the one hand, who want to "defend" their interests with extreme violence

      , and on the other hand we have "religious" terrorists, who want to conquer the whole world and kill everyone, who doesnt share their beliefs. 


      You might call 'em bouth "terrorists", but the "incompatibility" of the Islam with our standards of democracy, is an insurmountable source of fire, which we're facing since 1000 years. 


      Besides all of that, I wish you all a great WC, and may the best team win this shitty cup. ;)