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  1. Game: ETS2 Mod Version: latest mod version Controllers Used: Logitech G-25 +Hshifter and Almar MAN TGX shift knob Description of Issue: When ever i get to a loading screen wile using a owned krone trailer, the game freezes. and i cant ALT tab out of it or force it closed with Task manager, i have to hold ctrl+alt+del and then sign out of my windows account, and then sign back in. How to reproduce: i am able to reproduce the issue by taking a load " posped in rotterdam, parking my trailer, and then when it says loading cargo and it wants to pass time, the game freezes. after restarting the game, i am back at the posped gate, and can take the same cargo again. resulting in a freeze during cargo loading again. it also happens when going on a ferry using any owned trailer Screenshots / Videos: i am not able to produce a video or screenshot, as nothing responds i cant stop and save a video recording, and steam screenshot does not work while the game is frozen. after having this issue for a few times now, i deleted my Base.scs file in the install directory and then had steam re download it, no result. as my game just crashed again.
  2. instead of the VNL volvo im more of a sucker for the VNR 640.
  3. to those asking why ATS has not been updated, and im just making a wild guess here. could it have something to do with the random events that now spawn over the map, and this having to be synchronized for all players, and not popping up when someone is driving on that stretch of road. glitching him in a suddenly appearing fire truck or something.
  4. ive been playing on EU1 (simulation) for a couple of weeks now, and i think if this DLC was implemented on sim servers it would cause no problems. ive not ran across people doing 100 yet, ive seen people waiting on eachother respectfully. people waiting for lights, and properly slowing down when traffic lights are off at night, not doing 80 in 50 zones. i large majority of players on the sim server are doing just that, they are playing Euro Truck Sim, and not Euro Truck Racer like in EU2 i think if you install the dlc only on the more serious servers, in combination with player driven pilot car/van (it should be vairly easy to make the single player van drivable) going up ahead halting players, blocking lanes. etc etc. will work fine, and when people are used to it, it will make for a nice change of passe and scenery. on certain parts of the map.
  5. as ive said, its not due to being being in a city. i have seen plenty of people drive 65 no problem. and as ive said. if its happens and then stop the truck on the shoulder, go into the options and turn speed limiter off in the options. i will have no problem reaching 70MPH in those "city zones" on freeway's. its just that the speed limit option in the menu keeps being turned on again. and even if it was done on purpose this 37MPH speed limit, then it still doesnt make sense because in nevada the minimum allowed speed on a freeway is 45 and in California its 40. which is another thing that doesnt make sense, why limit us to 37mph in nevada? you can do 55 pretty much anywhere in california... if they had limited the speed to 55 in Nevada. it would at least make some kind of sense. 37 is not only a wierd number to limit the speed to, its not needed at all since at the exact same type of freeway intersections or on/off ramps in California we can still drive 55. besides the speed limit on server 1 and 3 is 110km/h which is 68MPH the 20mph thing was at a scale somewhere in nevada, but i dont remember which one. i think the allowed maximum speed zone there, which is 20. spills in over the highway a bit, so when you drive past the scale on the highway the speed would change from 80 to 20 for a few meters and then go back to 80 again. but those few meters were enough to let the retarder kick in, and the guy behind me plowed straight into me, then the guy behind that, swerved and flipped his truck over the guard rail into oncoming traffic.
  6. it is something in my settings because if i go under "gameplay options" and turn off the speed limit option this problem no longer occurs. the problem is that the multiplayer mod is resetting those options. turning it back on, again and again. besides it doesn't happen to everyone in the game. if it did then i wouldn't be causing accidents on the freeway. ive seen plenty of people flying by at 65 while i was being limited to 37. turn the limit off in the options and i would be able to drive 65 again too. well untill the next city where the mod will have reset my options. also, there is 1 scale im not exactly sure where anymore, but it limits you to 20mph ON THE FREEWAY, its not on the exit to the scale, its right there on the highway. its also illegal to go slower then 45mph on a freeway. which is why they should fix this "thing" as soon as possible, and if they are gona force a speed limit. at least make it a realistic one preferably one that's not illegal in real life. i should probably mention that this problem happens for me on each server. EU 1, 2 and 3.
  7. im still encountering problems with the speed limiter, it keeps turning it on in the options. and i have caused one fairly big accident when i was doing 65, and it suddenly went down to 20 when i was passing a weight station. i have even turned it off in the options trough singleplayer. but in the multiplayer it just turns it on again. i have no problem with a speed limit but 37 or 20 really is too low on a freeway. and thats currently what its doing every time, i don't want to get banned for blocking and causing accidents when there is nothing i can do about it myself.
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