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  1. For anyone who's been on this community for a long while, you might remember I used to run a media group called Snowball Media (used to be known as FrozenFire Virtual Truck Photography... memorable right?). Some of you may also remember I made the tough decision to close that media group back in 2019 due to being burned out with PC gaming aswell as TruckersMP after some shenanigans occured.


    Well, i'm delighted to say that after nearly 3 years Snowball Media is back! ?


    The truth is I've been ready to return for some time but couldn't decide whether it would be a good idea to bring back the name many of you know and love. Fortunately for you lot, I decided to go with the ''what could possibly go wrong?'' approach and come back full throttle! Naturally, in our 3 year absence Snowball Media has changed significantly. Including the number of staff we have (Just 2! We need more, drop me a message if you want to join us ? ).


    We originally were not going to be a group you could hire again for your special events. However, we felt that this feature was a key part of what made our community unique so i'm delighted to say it's here to stay (that rhymed wahey!). The only unfortunate downside for now is that we may not be able to attend every single event we are hired for. Please don't take offence if we cannot, it's nothing personal. We prefer quality over quantity and don't want to throw ourselves into multiple events every week on top of our now busier than ever work and personal lives (that's how we end up with burnout and the vicious cycle begins again). As our community grows this issue will begin to fade away... 


    There's lots of other news coming aswell. But for now, be sure to go like our Facebook Page if you haven't already and want to see what we're up too.

    Many frequent posts will be made there: https://www.facebook.com/sbvmc 


    We even have a company truck too! This will be used by our media operatives at events when we have the numbers (I'll obviously still be using my iconic black and orange volvo :D).

    We think it looks awesome! But what do you think of it? :thinking:


    More updates coming soon! 




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