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  1. 14,389 (ETS) miles covered in 24 hours. That's mad.


    According to our uneducated idiotic stats and googling this is the first time a distance record over 24 hours has been officially documented for ETS 2 (we could of course be wrong here, we aren't a bright bunch ?)


    Huge thankyou to Zulie, Jodie and TGG Jim for being there to help set this first ever record on TMP. Especially to Zulie and Jodie since this is their first EVER attempt at a 24 hour event and they smashed it. With Zulie even doing 7 hours in a row on her own ?. ''Spirit of the race award'' has to go to Doorgapmonster and Car_Lover1356 for being 100% determined to attend at least part of this mammoth event despite having major technical issues.


    While we didn't raise any more funds for charity this time, we're still hugely satisfied with our efforts. Especially since many more people now know we exist and are hugely interested in what we have planned. Bring on 24S ?


    We're planning on releasing a Spreadsheet in the coming months, of which anyone in the community is more than welcome to try and smash our target. When you do inevitably beat our target, dm me here on the Forums with your odometer reading before and after your attempt, your live broadcast showing you did it and the community of which you'd like to credit for the attempt. More updates coming about how you can absolutely destroy our score coming soon... Including rules! YAY!


    In the meantime, here are a few of our personal favourite snapshots from the event.













    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats ? Thats an amazing amount of miles and time, well done to all involved and brilliant photo ? ❤️

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