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  1. Hey everyone, long time no see! 


    I come back with more news as to what I've been up to, what I have planned and how my return to TruckersMP events is coming along.


    Here's the bullet point list for those who find this TLDR:


    • Snowball Media is officially dead. Finished. Done. Never to return.
    • I've been busy preparing a replacement community for both 24S and Snowball Media called The Charitable Gamers.
    • We've been busy preparing a very mental event roster for 2021. With 2 TMP based events included in the line-up
    • We've also been busy making a website: https://www.thecharitablegamers.co.uk/ 

    Righto, onto the TLDR bit! 


    Snowball Media dead


    You read that right, Snowball Media has been given the axe. Simply being, after 5 years of it being just a TMP community, combined with the burnout from everything we used to do here. None of us really had the motivation or energy to put time into making it a multi-community affair. Especially since all our original member base were TMP focussed. This combined with dwindling interest in our content in other communities also combined with my lack of interest in resuming the usual routine here on TruckersMP. We just decided it was for the best that Snowball Media closed it's virtual doors permanently. It's a shame we've had to do this but SBM had a good run, i've shared many great memories with many people on this community and it's been a pleasure to work alongside you all to make TMP the community it is today. So thankyou for joining us for 5 years of awesomeness! 


    24S has been adopted


    24S as a dedicated community has also been axed, in favour of being a dedicated event in our new community we've created called The Charitable Gamers. So basically, nothing will really change for 24S. It'll still keep it's original name, the events will still be as stupid as they were before. It's just a subbie for TCG now as opposed to being it's own entity. We did this simply so we could have the freedom to explore other event durations on TMP, aswell as partake in other events on other platforms aswell without being hindered by the name. All while being able to keep the original 24 hour convoy we're known for under the same name. It's complicated but it works! 


    The Charitable Gamers is officially a thing!


    The Charitable Gamers is essentially abit of Snowball Media and abit of 24S blended together to create something that fits our change in approach and attitude to online gaming and real world banter alike. TCG is community of good mates and gamers who want to do their bit to help others, whether it be through helping other gamers or raising money for charity. The choice is theirs!


    You can find out more about us on our website (we linked it above).


    Our event plans for 2021


    I mean, we're a quarter of the way through the year but it's better late than never i suppose. We plan to host 2 events on each of our chosen platforms including 2 real world events (which are so cool they deserve their own detailed posts!). That's right, events on TruckersMP aswell.


    The first event is one we haven't tried before. It's a 24 hour event like 24S but instead of being a strictly planned convoy, we plan to set what we believe is the first ever distance record over 24 hours. Live on stream, in public TMP servers. We won't be having periodic breaks or anything like that. Just 24 hours of straight driving to answer the question nobody has been asking. We'll have a dedicated, detailed post on this soon but basically it's a event you're welcome to join but it will NOT be a standard convoy with convoy control or anything like that.


    The other event is unsurprisingly, 24S - The Grand Tour Returns. Our famous 24 hour convoy is back after a 2 year hiatus to create more trouble on TruckersMP. Info on this event is very scarce right now, since we've had so much else to focus on but we assure you. 24S is back and ready to be absolutely terrible  provide more fun and entertainment for our loyal followers here on TruckersMP! 


    This post has gone on long enough so over the next couple weeks i'll post more specific, detailed updates about everything we've been doing. Aswell as what we've got planned.

    But until then, i'll see you all at Trucking 4 Charity 2021! https://trucking4charity.com/ 


    Here's a beauty shot of the new and improved Tigger in the new light engine in the 1.4 update ?



    1. DJ Chicken

      DJ Chicken

      Oh no...

      Welcome back... lets hope your driving is better. Nah honestly, cant wait for 24S 2021! Looks like exciting stuff is yet to come! See you at Trucking4Charity 2021 though! ?

    2. Sir Smokey

      Sir Smokey

      Thanks man! It's great to finally be back where i belong causing trouble and ruining lives. 24S 2021 is going to bethe one! But for now, i'll see you at T4C! ?


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