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  1. Promods on TMP... Interesting, very interesting :thinking:

  2. Sad soul, take comfort, nor forget
    That sunrise never failed us yet.





  3. Good evening everybody, it's been a while.


    I come with a ''status'' with a different tone to the norm. Alot of you may have noticed i went extremely quiet after 24S - The Grand Tour. There's been no media posted, no massive status updates. Nothing. Sadly, there probably won't be a whole lot either. Allow me to explain why...


    At the end of this years 24S, i announced that i would be discontinuing it. Or at the very least i would be leaving the team as it's founder and just becoming some sort of inactive founder. And many of you were asking for reasons why. Before i could post any of the usual marketing ''you guys are awesome'' stuff, this very pressing issue needed to be addressed first. So i have had to find a way to word it that won't spark some sort of cival war on TruckersMP, since that's not what we want. Not really. 


    24S - The Grand Tour quite honestly was abit of a disaster really. I'm not afraid to publically admit that either. The fundraiser itself was hugely successful and we cannot thankyou guys enough for your support there. However, this doesn't make up for the fact the event we'd been hyping up as being the best 24S ever actually quite quickly became one of the worst. Here's a brief rundown of the reasons if you don't fancy reading an absolute essay.


    1. Unreliable staff dropping out last minute meant we were working with about 25% of the team we had actually arranged for 24S - The Grand Tour
    2. The TruckersMP developers released an update for the platform midway through the event. Which caused massive delays due to unseen issues.
    3. Personal ''life problems'' my end mean i simply didn't have the patience for 24S this year and quickly just lost all faith in the event.


    Staff are a hugely crucial part to any of the events you see posted here on TruckersMP. They are arguably more important than the person running the event as a whole. Quite simply, if you don't have enough staff. You don't have an event, it's that simple. We started 24S prep out with well over 30 team members, come January we had gained some new members and lost a couple so the numbers remained the same. Come the end of January about 25/30 team members we had were on our schedule and were 100% available to do the tasks they signed up for at the times they were able to do.


    1 week before the event, 10 people dropped out almost at once. Then the night before we dropped down to about 11 staff members for the whole event. If not less, we didn't really keep count. On the day of the event, we lost a further 3 people for unspecified reasons. So we were essentially running our largest event of the year with less people than you see at your average weekly convoy. Unsurprisingly, tensions were high and tempers were very easily flared with such scarce numbers. 


    Such low numbers are one of the bigger reasons as to why 24S - The Grand Tour was a complete mess. We just didn't have enough staff at the right times to keep everything in check, and frankly none of the team really enjoyed it either. Which is hardly fair when you consider they take the time our of their days for absolutely no payment whatsoever. 


    The 2nd big reason is sadly TruckersMP itself. We stupidly planned 24S - The Grand Tour to happen the same weekend as one of the official TruckersMP events. Which as a whole effected how many people attended our event. However, what we didn't expect was for TruckersMP to update their servers midway through our event. In our eyes this was a highly insensitive move from the TruckersMP Development team and one we probably won't forgive them for either in all honesty. Many of the team messaged me with an apology afterwards to their credit. However, only one of the team was graced with an answer, which unsurprisingly i was never replied to.  


    TruckersMP updating their servers midway through our event wasn't a huge deal, we were on a break and if it had gone to plan everyone would've just relogged and that would have been all. However, unsurprisingly they encountered an issue of some sort when it came to downloading said patch. This issue lasting for about an hour and a half, which hugely threw 24S off schedule and almost certainly crippled the event as a whole.


    Please do not start hating on TruckersMP for this, it's just not worth your time. While we are all displeased with their decision, blatantly hating on them is just not a very mature thing to do and frankly we are all abit smarter than that aren't we? This post isn't a ''bash on TruckersMP'' post. We are simply highlighting issues with our event, of which sadly TruckersMP do have to take partial blame for. We wouldn't be telling the whole story if we didn't include it. Alot of what happened at 24S was either my own fault or down to certain team members. 


    All these issues coupled with alot going on in my personal life (as my avatar might imply), just means my attention was also spread thin. Hosting this event on my birthday was also not the wisest idea, so that's a lesson learned. 


    Will make another post on this situation tomorrow, ran out of energy for today :( However, i would just like to apologise to everybody for just how badly this event went. It's genuinely degrading really. 

  4. TruckersMP is slowly redeeming itself by providing the perfect quiet, non-collision server to train the misses to drive HCT's :D





  5. We're ready to go here at 24S, but are you?

    By the way, be sure to tune into the official 24S stream over on Snowball Media's Youtube channel!




  6. Have you signed up for 24S - The Grand Tour over on our ETS2C post yet?

    If not, don't worry... we forgive you ;)





  7. We've put everything we know, everything we care about and everything you all love about 24S into ''24S - The Grand Tour'' this year.

    Our many months of blood, sweat, tears and sheer determination to finally nail the charity event formula should hopefully bring you the most memorable event we've ever hosted.


    No, it's not going to set the TruckersMP world on fire. We've got no daft plans this year or anything ''innovative'' or game changing. We've actually gone back to basics, with a basic convoy that's designed to be enjoyable. ''It’s All about the Journey, Not the Destination'' as someone once told me. So don't expect anything new or different from us lot, we've very much gone back to doing the basics terribly but in such a way that everyone finds it hilarious... While also going through the best picks of the game map we could fit into 24 hours!


    We can't wait to meet you all :D





  8. I do apologise for being fairly quiet lately, 24S has gone into overdrive now that update 1.34 is finally released!

    Which reminds me, have you signed up for our event on ets2c yet? We'd love to have you here ;)



  9. 24S is just 20 days away... But the question is, are you ready for the best 24S you've ever seen?  ;) 



  10. LMP 3.5 confirmed ;) 



  11. Fun fact, this was originally going to be 24S's first route. Maybe next year eh? :troll:



  12. Completely unrelated to TruckersMP but... say henlo to my latest little editing job thing I nabbed Snowball Media (with the correct link this time) ;)




  13. Those spare clips had a use after all...

    Oh yes that usual 24S broadcast i host will no be hosted on my Twitch anymore. We've A S C E N D E D  to Youtube broadcasting this year ;)



  14. Practice is going well...



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