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  1. Hello Nath Then it is impossible or your operative system is 32 bit 64 bit operating system installs and go
  2. Hello Double O I do not understand what you mean Your English is not good
  3. xxAgenTxx

    Website Error

    Many times when I want to do a report appearing this Error http://prntscr.com/a4tfwg
  4. Hello Copperhead Control Saving and see if you have any crash Delete crash and go in game mp Try this version
  5. I solved I deleted a crash in game And it worked perfectly There was no need for installation Ty
  6. I did exactly what you said The same message
  7. Hello community Anyone know why sometimes you start the game mp I get this message?
  8. Hello DutchAlike When you are trying to open mp You get this message?
  9. Hi DutchAlike Make sure you played 2 hours in singleplayer Surely this is the problem Good luck
  10. It is not because the server is likely to be from your Internet connection
  11. If you have several backups in your profile might be the reason it Remove all unnecessary bailouts They were in the worst case uninstall and install the game again Good luck
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