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  1. 48 minutes ago, HAR_Sabre said:

    Are you asking for American flag paint jobs for the truckfest too, or just the convoy?


    I won't be able to make the convoy but I will try to stop by the truckfest for a while.  

    You are not required to have a American skin, it's totally up to you :D

  2. 1 hour ago, CivicTypeR15 said:

    Hello. I am a new member of the ATSMP community. I was thinking about how I could expand my experience, and I have heard Viva Trucking advertised on Truckers.FM quite a few times. I may be interested in joining the company as a new driver, but I have a few questions about VTCs, and Viva Trucking in particular, before I make the jump from independent Owner-Operator to Company Employee.

    • First of all, how does a VTC work, exactly? From what I can gather, a driver picks up and delivers a load in ETS2 and/or ATS, delivers it in-game and logs it in a company app, so that the delivery becomes a part of the company statistics. Am I correct in saying this? Or is there something I am missing here?
    • Secondly, are there any requirements for prospective employees? I can assure you that I am older than 15, with a pretty good grasp of English and enough of an understanding of road rules to get by, but I am not sure if there are any other requirements which could trip me up (such as time played).
    • My third question is about the trucks. Am I given a truck to drive, or do I provide my own? Are there any guidelines as to what kind of truck to use?
    • Would company business be conducted in singleplayer, multiplayer, or a combination of the two?
    • Are there certain hours I need to be active on? Or is this a flexible choose-your-own-hours sort of affair (like what Uber does)?
    • Finally, I have noticed that the trucks in your photos have a custom skin. Will this skin be provided to new employees upon acceptance of application?

    Please excuse my many questions, I just want to know exactly what I'd be getting into here. And if this post breaks any forum rules/guidelines, I do apologize. This is my first post in this forum, in a community I only joined a couple of days ago.


    Greetings Civic,


    Welcome to the community! A VTC is a Virtual Trucking Company, which ranges from many things depending on the VTC you join. Here at Viva, we consider a Virtual Trucking Company to function as if it were a real trucking company. That is why we have implemented lots of realistic features to both the look of the company, along with the responsibilities the drivers must perform. After drivers apply, they are required to go through our online training course in which trains them on company policies and procedures. After completion of this training, drivers are responsible for logging ETS2 and/or ATS jobs via the company log available on all devices. If drivers are involved in an accident or have an issue with their truck, they are required to fill out an incident report so that our staff can track the number of incidents occur in the company. All the data from these two logs are then added to the overall company statistics which shows all the companies income, incident reports, along with other stats. 


    The requirements for drivers include logging jobs and incident reports, being active via discord or forums, and being active at least once a week.


    You are required to still own a truck in the game as we are unable to give you a truck, but as far as guidelines, its required to have any truck, but with the Viva MP skin.


    Company business can be conducted in both singleplayer and MP. We unlike most VTC's, we allow solely single-player drivers.


    You can get on when you want, but you must be active at least one day a week. Obviously, we prefer more activity than that. 


    Once you are a driver, you are allowed to download the Viva Trucking specialty mods which allow you to use company paint jobs in singleplayer.


    No need to apologize, we are here to help. If you have any further questions, Viva Staff would be more than happy to assist. Feel free to contact our support email at [email protected] . Thank you for your interest in Viva Trucking! 

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