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  1. We understand that some on TMP have had some questions about our procedures when dealing with poor performing Drivers. To better understand our practices, we have created a short video showcasing all the steps our Human Resources Staff take when dealing with a Driver Report. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to contact us on our website at www.vivatrucking.com.


  2. When I first discovered TMP, I was just like the rest: picking up loads, honking when a driver passed by, and overall just taking in the views of this amazing game. After about a year or so of playing, I thought to myself "what if there were fake trucking companies that people could join and act as if they are delivering loads for a real company." From that idea, I did more research and found that there were already communities doing the same thing. After viewing a handful, I couldn't find anyone to apply to as none seemed to fit my needs. So I did what many other players do and started my first and only VTC, Viva Trucking. I created my VTC to build a platform that made you feel as if you were working for a big-time trucking company. With no knowledge in how VTC's worked, I kinda just did what I felt was unique. After 2 and a half years and thousands of Drivers later I can proudly say that my VTC has changed my life. Through my VTC, I have been able to provide a home to many, inviting people to build relationships and create their own memories. 

    Compared to how VTC's used to be, these days there are plenty of VTC's to choose from. There are two types of VTC's: Get up and go VTC's and Professional VTC's. Get up and go VTC's are VTCs that mostly offer multiplayer convoys without much logging or any other roleplay type aspects. Professional VTC's are VTCs that strive to offer an experience along with frequent convoys. These experiences range from logging jobs, writing reports, and using VTC company skins. The aspects of professional VTC's tend to offer more of a simulation experience whereas get up and go VTC's offer more of a relaxed environment. It is up to the player to decide which VTC is right for them and to research what each VTC has to offer.  

    I would have never thought that such a simple and fun idea of creating a VTC would impact both my life and so many others. VTCs are what the people make them. That is why I continue to strive with my team to constantly think outside the box and to search for ways we can make the VTC community more enjoyable for all. My advice to someone wanting to start a VTC is to think big and to be original. For those wanting to join a VTC, my advice would be to choose the one you think suits you best and to try it out. You are always welcome to leave a VTC at any time and try something new down the road. At the end of the day the only reason why VTC's exist is to make your gameplay more enjoyable :D


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