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  1. After spending a hot second on writing a page and a half rant, I thought I would just sum it up into a few lines. We all know the expression "Rome wasn't built in a day."  Now a quick shout out to all the VTC owners out there who constantly blame Viva for their problems, read that expression a few times. I, like you, created a community with the intentions of being the best around. What you need to know is in order to make your VTC great, much like Rome, is that it takes lots of work, money, and imagination to make something great. Don't blame others because you feel you can't succeed. Focus on what you have to do to make your community great and block out what others around you are doing. Quad out. 

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    2. InvasiveSpark


      Totally agree with you Quad VTCs need leaders not bosses like most have, to have a successful VTC you need to put in the work to make it good!

    4. rickysocial


      You've worked your hardest to get Viva where it is today ^^^ seems like like some VTCS need to understand the effort and dedication it takes.

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