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  1. Hello Epiclepsy It is 2:45 AM Eastern Time ( New York ) My ban was lifted & was only for two hours like i had stated, I started ATS and went on my way to the service area and look what happens in this video i recorded and this is one of the things i was talking about. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B96v85bQH71-dllIZzRqdUx6eFU

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    2. Old No 7
    3. Old No 7

      Old No 7

      nice huh ? anyway i sent request to follow and i'll be posting more vids

    4. Epiclepsy


      Wow, that's your typical online multiplayer impatience right there. <_<


      Great video quality! Looks like you got it working quite well! Having this weapon at your disposal will definitely help restore faith in ATS: MP. 

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