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  1. kburd1348


    i tried and it didn't rlly work
  2. kburd1348


    how do i do this im kinda a noob
  3. kburd1348


    All of a sudden starting like 3 weeks ago I started to get bad lag playing ATS/ETS2. I could usually play with 50-60 fps, but now i get 15-20. Whenever I play with high graphics my screen is really dark while its daylight, but my mirror is the right light, and whenever i play in medium its still laggy and bad graphics?! I tried using opengl and everything is fine in sp but when im around like 20 people i get bad lag? specs- 8GB RAM, i5 6400, gtx 745=dell xps 8900
  4. how do i do this with the car? I want the big wheels
  5. I was wondering if ATSMP would get cars, like a dodge or honda?
  6. My Kenworth w900 has a 6 speed transmission. Top speeds of each gear: 1st. 18 2nd. 40 3rd. 57 4th 75+ 5th 90+ 6th 95+. The way I shift is by using the scroll wheel; it's easier to skip gears if I'm using 18 speed.
  7. but when i try doing that it says update paused. (disk read error)
  8. kburd1348


    same i have the same problem
  9. ATS just got updated now my game wont start.
  10. I was banned for ramming but I never rammed anyone, I accidently hit a admin when he swerved into my lane and I swerved. He said i have a bad name (black dad) but its not my fault that you think its bad. I'm thinking of suing because of this incident.
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