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  1. Make sure you have installed the newest versions of the game and MP.
  2. Please try to explain your problem exactly, so we can help you.
  3. Yes, but it laggs in the MP as far as I know. I tested it yesterday without this newest update on MP Client.
  4. ^ On my PC is ATS running better than ETS, too.
  5. stgt50

    ATS Screenshots

    @Truckerpilot Wow, great.
  6. @[SFL] DJ Double Yeah, we are all waiting to use it.
  7. Just have a little patience guys.. It will be definitly released in the next days I think.
  8. Just avoid Rotterdam and Europort and everything is good.
  9. @0quzhan.018 I think you mean how to downgrade right? Then read the message from @Cyrusj.
  10. @mohamad_rezaei Be patient, they are working on it.
  11. @0quzhan.018do you have updated ETS? Please note, the newest version is not yet supported for MP.
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