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  1. Still love my good ol' Mercedes Actros. Been tinkering the top light bar so its hidden, only small part of the light bar visible. Airhorn hidden behind the wind deflector and the beacon snug right on top of the cabin. The light configuration might trigger some people, but i tried to make it as minimal as possible.
  2. The best for me is Scania 8x4 730hp with Opticruise GRS 905R Transmission (12+2 with retarder). For Volvo, i dont really enjoy the gearbox. But when its about enjoying challenge (or suffering), its either Scania 4x2 370hp 12+2 Gear or Iveco 4x2 with its 310hp 16 Gear. And like Granite said, 4x2 chasis will get stuck in dirt road alot, thats why i use Iveco model for paved road only.
  3. I think it because people can mistakenly see the beacon light as turn signal. But most common problem i encounter is performance issue.
  4. and suddenly, a Japanese truck out of nowhere! My Favorite, 2001 Mitsubishi Fuso Super GREAT. Cargo/Wing body with simple look. 2016 model. Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great V Spider Concept. Basically A giant Swissknife.
  5. ESS5

    Favourite Truck?

    Mine is Mercedes Benz Actros (the old one) why i'm feeling a Deja vu right now? -edit- i just realized this is a completely different thread
  6. I think i have meet this kind of convoy before. but this time, the whole convoy working together. not just the pilot car. at first they look like normal convoy, until you get closer. they become aggressive and tried to cause accidents by doing sudden overtake. this happen not only in highway, but in small road like country road. to make it worse, the entire convoy will blame it on you. so other people around will assume you are the one who wrong and ended up getting reported. these guys basically doing organized trolling to make them harder to be identified as trolls. the best way to avoid them is just drive slow, keep distance and watch your surrounding. dodge them at all cost.
  7. ESS5

    Why do people speed?

    ^ the game is cheaper than a real truck my country suck. the truck variant is not as good as in euro and the road is just horrible. take care tons of license & permit just to move and become a truck driver in europe or america? that just silly. what next? buy real plane instead of playing flight simulator realistically? well I do want to buy one if those are cheap and can fit into my small room. that's why we have simulator to imitate the real stuff without all the boring paperwork.
  8. ESS5

    Why do people speed?

    People dont have patience and want to arrive faster. simple as that. meanwhile why people drive slow? 1. they just want slower pace gameplay 2. want a very efficient trip by saving gas 3. want to simulate the real driving experience by following the traffic rules. 4. all of the above I drive slow because it's relaxing and safer. cruising while listening to radio and enjoy the detail of your truck, while dodging any reckless player & troll. driving at 40kmh for city area, 55-60kmh for country road, and 65-70 for highway.
  9. Modified my Mercedes, now it have 320 hp and always carry 20t cement mixer inspired from this close_enough.jpg
  10. ESS5

    Minimum Speed

    I would call it 50/50 fault if : 1. the person being overtaken suddenly going faster making it harder for other driver to overtake him 2. the one that being overtaken didnt stay on his lane. accident related to overtaking mostly happen because the driver dont know how to overtake correctly. blaming the slow moving truck is just weird. should admin ban anyone that follow the 48~60kmh speed limit because they follow rules?
  11. ESS5

    Minimum Speed

    a little google-fu and found this useful website http://www.drivingtesttips.biz/minimum-speed-limits-driving-too-slow.html it really depend on the road & traffic condition. after few test run, I recommend the minimum speed somewhere around 45-60 kmh for country road & high density area (europort-rotterdam). for highway, 70 kmh nothing to enjoy in highway anyway. btw this is the amount of space I give for people behind. not only I drive slow and have short trailer, some people just keep tailgating until i hit those little street post. even when there are no oncoming traffic. I use hazard light when truck start slowing down at the hill. don't want to abuse it too much like what people did to beacon light.
  12. ESS5

    Minimum Speed

    Already put "320hp 20t" tag, maybe i will add the speed. but i'm a bit skeptical about the tag. some people going too fast that the tag pop up at the last second before they getting too close or they just ignore it completely. supposedly beacon come to play for slow moving vehicle. but people abuse the usage of beacon so much it become useless now.
  13. ESS5

    Minimum Speed

    I drive slow because it's more relaxing this way, which is nice. the multiplayer is getting harsh, there are more bad driver. accident everywhere, even at less crowed place. playing this game is getting more "stressful" than "fun". my solution to this is just drive slow and enjoy the detail of your truck and the environment while listening to the radio. being slow help me dodge accident and trolls too. for the tailgating issue, i always give way, even risking my truck getting hit by traffic sign. but some of them remain persistent behind my truck. many people already discuss this at other topic. i go to 60-65km/h on highway, and 55-60km/h on country road. might change after there are are clear rules about this. and no way, 10 mph is too hardcore even for me.
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