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  1. Still love my good ol' Mercedes Actros. Been tinkering the top light bar so its hidden, only small part of the light bar visible. Airhorn hidden behind the wind deflector and the beacon snug right on top of the cabin. The light configuration might trigger some people, but i tried to make it as minimal as possible.
  2. Modified my Mercedes, now it have 320 hp and always carry 20t cement mixer inspired from this close_enough.jpg
  3. Nama : Evan S. ID Steam : ES5 Komunitas : Golput Domisili : Kadang Depok, kadang Jakarta.
  4. For big fleet, i like to use Mercedes new actros used scania before, but Mercedes just feel much better For smaller fleet, Iveco is the first pick and after few runs, i ended up with another mercedes
  5. Scania R420. with lightbar for air horn & extra light, because multiplayer.
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