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  1. Released

    ^ i am in the uk and my ping atays solid at 7ms even if there loads of players around me
  2. people with a ping of anything over 120 are using a VPN as VPN cause lag because they are limited by that VPN bandwith they should be using a straight forward connection to the servers as there ping times will be much lower
  3. Released

    Hi All I know this might sounds stupid but i have my lights on all the time, going forward what are you going to do about people deliberately desyncing with the servers ive also noticed that the anti cheat is not working properly because of the desync issue and are still using the NCZ hack thanks (avgerho for releseing that who has not been banned for supplying such tools to the trolls) i have also noticed a lot of people with high ping rate that suggest they are using a VPN applaction to desync with the servers. i think it would be a good measure to ip ban people as well as account banning them as this will stop them from going back to steam and refunding the game re buying it in a different account and returning under a different account. also on my list is the C-D road everyone parks on it from my understanding that the whole road is a no parking zone expecally at the train crossing where 20 people at a time parking there and lastly ghost mode many time ive driven on the C-D and has a fright because someone spawns unexpectedly right in-front of you there should be a uato teleport for people who decide to jump off the server in the middle of the road that will cut down on a lot of accdents.
  4. how do i make a complaint to about a game mod just banning people left right and center for no valid reason 

    1. Gromm99


      Hello Tango Tr { Owner } Allan,


      Please do not talk about the Admins here on the Forums,

      use the Feedback System for that -> https://truckersmp.com/feedback


    2. ZuLynx
    3. [LKW Tr.] Kap

      [LKW Tr.] Kap

      Feel free to make a feedback here; https://truckersmp.com/feedback/create

      If you need any extra assistance feel free to contact us, however forum is not a place to really discuss this :P 


  5. wow what  a day Eu2 why are the admins not doing anything about the trollers on that server or the rammers whats the point in rules if they aint going to be enforced more harshly. i used to love driving on mp it was fun not its not you got people using so called god mode ram the hell out of you and you report them nothing gets done you got people using speed hacks its unbelivable. why can you close the duisberg road for 2 days and send people all over the server get people to move to other areas of the map. sorry for the vent but i am so bloody frustrated 

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    2. sko0923


      Hello. I assume that by mentioning "close CD road for 2 days", you are only saying this because you are driving on the road and are causing yourself problems. It is known everywhere that this road is not the place to go if you don't want to be trolled, rammed, blocked, etc. It can all start by individual people, like yourself, going to other places of the map willingly. Us moderators try our best to keep the servers clean, but with such a large map, and only a limited number of us, plus personal life, etc, it becomes hard to do so. I am sorry that you feel this way, but as mentioned above, if you have any suggestions you can create them via that link. 

    3. ScaniaFan89


      Actually you encounter trolls all over the map, they think they are less likely to be caught away from the hot spots! 

    4. Harley


      Hello Tango Tr { Owner } Allan,


      Please do not talk about the Admins here on the Forums,

      use the Feedback System for that -> https://truckersmp.com/feedback


      // Locked

  6. Overtaking rule, overtaking on the right one side

    Hey Truckers, The rules are simple to follow 1 overtaking a slower truck, Insure the road is clear ahead of you check your mirrors indicate check the road in-front of you again and pull out once past the truck wait until your at least 50 to 100 meters in front of the truck and indicate to pull back the truck you just overtook will flash his/her lights to let you back once your back in your lane use the hazards to say thank you. you can not overtake of there is a solid white line on the road you. 1st picture shows a solid white line prohibiting an overtake due to blind corners you must not overtake if you see a solid white line 2nd picture shows pitted lines these will alternate between sides these pits allow overtaking if it is safe to do so. 3rd picture shows that the hill is a hazard and it may or may not be-safe to overtake most people dont overtake on a blind hill
  7. Please Please can the admin or developers do something about the rammers and cheaters that use a mod that avghero made and distributed to cause rammers to ram causing the max amount of damage. it is getting really bad now and i am starting to not enjoy the game anymore 

    1. CaptainKostaZ


      If you want to make a report go to https://truckersmp.com/reports .
      This is a guide explaining "How to use our Report system":

      Please read the following thread, before submiting a report.


    2. Mirrland


      Hey Allen,


      I recommend that you record your gameplay, then afterwards you can report the users. 


      You can report users here: https://truckersmp.com/reports



  8. due to a the Wannaware ransome ware infecting millions of computers across the globe please force install the latest windows updates as this wanna-cry worm will mess your computer with no way of removal once its in your computer your files are lost. this virus has messed up hospital computers i can not stress then enough please keep forcing the windows updates http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-39896393. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibLaCEL8E4E

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    2. Hey_Wtf


      :D now thats funny LOLOLOLOL

    3. stilldre1976


      Most of the nhs systems were running xp no wonder they got infected tbh :rolleyes:

    4. Tango Tr { Owner } Allan

      Tango Tr { Owner } Allan

      @stilldre1976 all of the NHS system are running windows 7 enterprise and was infected. @Hey_Wtf you seem like a joker kid who thinks a worm virus that is killing innocent people funny but hey when the ransom ware hits your computer dont blame me.

      @stilldre1976 all of the NHS system are running windows 7 enterprise and was infected. @Hey_Wtf you seem like a joker kid who thinks a worm virus that is killing innocent people funny but hey when the ransom ware hits your computer dont blame me.

  9. sorry i forgot to remove that word ill  re word it 


  10. whya re you deleting my status updates im try to help people stop getting infected with this virus outbreak 


    1. Creatured


      No profanity or vulgar content/language

      Post edited / verbal warning / warning point - Profanity or vulgar content/language is not allowed.

       ever read the rules?

    2. Smoky_TMP


      You're using inappropriate language / profanity in your posts.



  11. why does the game keep crashing yesterday it was fine this morning it was fine 


  12. hi burner please cna you check DM its urgent


  13. i cant get the game to launch help http://imgur.com/1CC9kzC getting a error message problem connecting to update servers


    1. Hyperspace


      • could be wifi
      • reinstall it again
      • check if you opted out of beta
      • change path for multiplayer
      • put this in the help section
      • search on youtube
    2. Tango Tr { Owner } Allan

      Tango Tr { Owner } Allan

      *could be wifi - working 100% correct been rebooted 4 times 

      *reinstall it again - donre that 3 times now still no joy 

      *check if you opted out of beta - check opted out

      *change path for multiplayer - done still no luck 

      *put this in the help section - done still no luck

      *search on youtube - done still no luck 


      what do i do now 

  14. No Damage

    Personally I don't think it's a good idea the thing about a simulation is to act as in real life the rules that truckers mp have implemented rules that are of the law in real life this game is about role play not GTA 5 like most of the players think it is. I think the rules are fair i remember when i rammed for the first time and the last time someone i paid a 4 day ban for it in real life i would of been suspended from driving and thrown in jail for causing a collision by careless driving. keep the damage feature.
  15. Scs And steam are forcing an update please beware that the new ScS update for truck sim 2 is not yet compatible with truckers MP a new release support the new version of ETS2 will be released very soon keep checking the Truckers website.