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  1. Hi, My question is short. Can I force a sleep/rest in ETS2? Every time I try it I get the message that my "character" isn't tired. Every day I need to start at the same location because I need to teleport to have new jobs on the market. But forcing a sleep/rest may solve that issue :) Hope to hear, Kind regards, Namanix
  2. Thank you for the answer/idea's I'm going to try that later today!
  3. Hi there, Yesterday i started playing ETS2MP again. I started up a singleplayer account. Played till the point that i have my own truck. Closed the game (It rained when i closed it). Started ETS2MP. Played for like 5-10 hours and it did not stop raining for a single moment. My rain probability is at the lowest. I don't know what to do anymore. I really want to see the beautifull french roads in the sun :-) I hope there is someone who can help me with this. Kind regards, Kevin Walter
  4. I have succesfully linked my ats now. Closed!
  5. Yes my steam account is set to public. I will watch the video later today
  6. Hi there, Yesterday and this morning i have pushed the button "Check now" to get my ats linked to my account. A couple of hours later still no linked account and no indication why it doesn't work. The button just comes back every time i press it and refresh. What did i do wrong? I have 2 hours of playing time on ATS so i don't have a clue. Can anyone help me with this issue? Kind regards, Kevin Walter
  7. Is europe1 in ETS offline? Or did i do something wrong ?

    1. heyhococo


      So you need to open up the file Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer or American Truck Simulator Multiplayer, and will come up with your login details and server choice. Do be aware there are problems with the servers, so give some time. ;)

  8. It's already on but it stays on 11h until rest.
  9. Yeah but i can't always sleep. 9/10 times it says my driver isn't tired. How can i fix that ?
  10. Hi There, I have played the multiplayer version without any problems until today (Well yesterday). Yesterday all of a sudden i had no jobs in my freight market. So i got on the internet and found out that there was a way to force a economy reset. I did that and i got teleported back to my home base. Is there a way to do a economy reset without getting teleported back to home base? P.s. I know that when i go to a company and get a trailer i get there offers. Even if the freight market list is empty. But this is kind of not an option because i play with a friend and we both kinda want to go the same route. Kind regards, Namanix I also read something about sleeping. But every time i go to a resting spot it says that my trucker is not tired. Any way around that ?
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