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  1. Kimax

    Reports are slow.

    The 20 incidents is over a span of 21 hours of gametime. These incidents only include reckless driving and ramming that resulted in damage to my truck and trailer. I do have a few on freecam, but those are only obvious ramming and cheating. I do tend to drive the C-D road. Both as a challenge and because Calais has some pretty decent jobs for me. I always try to give space wherever possible, but its kinda hard on the C-D road.
  2. Thanks. Finally a useful reply.
  3. Let me try again, since my last question was misunderstood and i wasnt giving a useable answer. My old post: I have noticed a 5 day ban that have expired and i cant appeal it. Its only possible to appeal active bans and not expired bans. So is there a way to appeal an expired ban, since its no longer active and i cant appeal it?
  4. Kimax

    Reports are slow.

    I'm not satisfied. Non answered my question and i feel that no one understood my problem. The process speed of the reports becomes a problem, when i no longer can report players. I had 20 players that i wanted to report, but now i dont wanna go through hours of gameplay just to use the total amount of available reports again.
  5. Kimax

    Reports are slow.

    My problem right now, is that i have already reported the total amount of 19 that i'm currently allowed to. And i now have 15 more to report. I play almost daily at the moment and i have around 10 incidents a day that i wanna report. And thats a problem if only 1 report gets handled a day.
  6. Kimax

    Reports are slow.

    I understand that there is alot of work involved with all those reports. But you all failed to answer my question, so i try again. Is it possible to get some more moderators, so the reports might move a bit faster? I know there is alot of people, who would love to work for TruckersMP. Me included. The reason why i never apply for the moderator position, is simply because i dont have the time. BTW. Now i have 14 reports i'm waiting to submit.
  7. Is it possible to get some more moderators, so the reports might move a bit faster? I have 19 reports waiting and i still have at least 10 more to report.
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