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  1. Please go ahead and close it, got busy with IRL stuff, I won't be able to check anytime soon. Thanks.
  2. I'll try to update it ASAP, I'm at work right now. Do you guys get charged per unresolved topic or something?
  3. It seems it was a permissions issue, so far so good, will update this post tomorrow after more testing.
  4. Reinstalled MP client following this method No changes, CTD when starting the 2nd job.
  5. Not really, I don't have problems with other games, even ETS2 runs properly without the MP client.
  6. Also, I have noticed sometimes wheel, pedals and shifter stop working, again when switching from UI -> World. (Logitech G27) This only happen when using the MP client, same for the CTD issue.
  7. Hi, this seemed to work for a while, but today again the same problem. Unless I have to run the game in Directx mode every time I restart the system? Problem happens most of the time after completing a job when I am coming back from the UI.
  8. This happens at the dashboard mostly when trying to pick a job or visit a garage. It happens almost always after I finished a shop and go to the UI to do something. No addons or plugins Last crash.log entry
  9. Thanks, what about rain? Seems to be pretty binary, no rain at all or if I move the slider a bit it rains forever.
  10. I like to drive at night mostly, in single player I go to sleep during the day but in mp that doesn't affect the time right? I think to travel between garages doesn't have any effect either.
  11. Id is asked for reports but I don't see that in game, just the nickname. I found I can get the ID from the traffic map, but if the perpetrator disconnect I won't be able to. So, how what is a reliable way to get the ID of a player?
  12. I understand. I guess it's just something you just have to live with. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I would like to know what is this feature useful for. I tried it 4 times after being collided by other players but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Does it work at all?
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