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  1. When you lend your Truckersmp account to a friend...


  2. The fools also exist in EU 1... (I already did the corresponding reports)


  3. Cheater detected... (This video was uploaded by another user)



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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Speed hacking... -__- People who use that are nothing but scum. And on top of that, he's also using a cheat to not take any damage. I saw some comments about that cheat around the forums, recently. That one cheat should be prohibited! The problem is that it would be very difficult to tell if someone is using it or not. Uuggh... I hate cheaters so much! This kid must be banned!

    3. Irishleprechaun


      btw a youtuber who plays mp has uploaded a dll file which im pretty sure he is using to take no damage and to have a speedhack


    4. ((($oteee94)))


      I saw another cheater yesterday. He overtook me in a strange way. Then he crashed into a curve. His lights went on and off quickly...


  4. Custom trucks from Argentina. The argentine style shares similarity with the brazilian style in some things.



  5. Ultimamente estoy viendo mucho que kickean por esos mods de carga que no causan lag ni nada por el estilo. Y mayormente son admins nuevos. Por ejemplo esa carga de la mezcladora de cemento está dentro de los archivos del juego desde que salió el juego hace años, lo único que no sale en la parte de mercancías. Así que no estarias perjudicando a nadie. Lo que si está prohibido es tener el camión editado cargado de accesorios a lo bestia (Por ejemplo tener tener varias barras de luces una encima de otra, 3 tipos de tubos de escape en un mismo lugar, etc)
  6. Any russian on the forum can help me?  I need find the Steam profile of this player (The url)

    Is for a report.



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    2. ((($oteee94)))


      I will try to search this player in the mp with the commands but have my doubts. Thanks antrax. :)

    3. [Интегра] ResTed

      [Интегра] ResTed

      Search necessary in logs (log_spawning_xx.11.2016.log -> xx date).
      Query for search: (963) or МАМА СКАЗАЛА УШАТ

    4. antrax737


      ^^i explained badly, Rested is telling you the same thing as i wanted to if im right, find spawn log and then search his id (963)

      Spawn log must have yesterdays date

  7. This was on friday: Full server + LAG + chaos = I'm dead
    Recorded by FRAN ARGENTINA

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer #7 A crazy day!


  8. I'm with a doubt. Is this a cause for a report? The nickname of the player is AngelOfDeath.


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    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Yes, that is worth a report absolutely! 1. The obsenity on the bottom line. 2. The fact that he is discriminating against people saying that they should "speak english or go to an eu server".

    3. Syntog


      Yes, any kind of insulting is against the rules. Make sure to get his /pinfo and report him via website :) 

    4. ((($oteee94)))


      Thanks people!
      Yes @CentralPrecessingCat I have the info of that player. I'll do the report.

  9. Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC



  10. Trucks of Argentina.
    Zone of Puerto Madero (Madero Port) in Buenos Aires.



    I reported this player few days ago and still nobody saw it.
    BONUS: Ther Karma did his job... 


    1. Digital


      There's a few hundred reports at the moment so it will take a few days.

  12. National Flags DLC:


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    2. _Pingu_


      how did u get it where the bottom bit of the truck is black ??

    3. ((($oteee94)))


      I used the paint from the High Power Cargo Pack DLC and i change some colors.

    4. _Pingu_


      oh ok thx 

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