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  1. I like the lonestar, shame bout it's engine sound but I really like how it feels to drive. It's like they tried to make it feel like driving a car and it's very modern inside.
  2. Currently using the original driving force GT wheel. It's old and loud but it's cheap and is just as good as the G29. Sure its software is the worst thing I've ever came across since windows live and it sounds like you are zipping up a suitcase every time you need to take a 90° turn but when it comes to how it feels you couldn't tell the difference between a G29.
  3. Yeh, Scandinavia DLC was a huge upgrade from the base game at the time. I remember driving there when it first came out and being blown away. It is always a good drive when im delivering to/through Scandinavia. I also liked beyond the Baltic sea though that would be my second favourite. Haven't played on the new DLC however it does look good from the videos ive seen.
  4. I own them all. They are always fairly priced based on how much road there is to drive on and I am always glad to support them.
  5. I have been playing the mod since the day it came out, I didn't take many if any screenshots when I first played as my laptop at the time was on low settings at 11fps on a good day. Crazy how things have changed since then. I took this screenshot when I first upgraded my PC. My friend does not play very much at all (we still play other games together) but me and my sister have been playing since day 1 and always hop on at least a few times a month together. It really does bring people together, friends and family . This is us showing of our Scottish paint jobs.
  6. Re-installed and now working. Thanks guys
  7. I get in the server queue and it comes up after that saying authenticating at the top right. I have tried other servers but still the same thing. I have also checked to see if I have been banned but have not. What is going on?
  8. You would think but this is not the case. I played this morning no problems at all but this just randomly happend.
  9. It tells me my password is wrong but I have had it autofilled for about a year so it puts it in automatically, I tried deleting it and putting it in but it still says it's wrong even though I signed in to this website fine with it. Also I tried a password reset but the email hasn't came through for 10 minutes now. What do I do?
  10. Anyone else getting stuck on "authenticating"?


  11. Happy weekend everyone. RIP Europoort!

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