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  1. ArcticYuki

    High Beam

    With the new lighting now on MP could you please turn off your high beams when you have on coming traffic.
  2. ArcticYuki


    does anyone else have an issue with stations playing for 2 seconds and then stopping
  3. i have fallen asleep before as well i was lucky i only went into a ditch
  4. has anyone ever had this issue with the ets2 editor and know how to fix it
  5. i made a small update to the services area and i took some night shots as well https://imgur.com/UMXhN2r https://imgur.com/STSlwrs https://imgur.com/XGiVfuV https://imgur.com/ydLmMrD https://imgur.com/KPOpXYY https://imgur.com/IWnSTzd
  6. finally got it to run and it worked fine f7 worked as well as external contracts
  7. i would test that but im not sure how to get it running ingame
  8. it will be no trailers or blocked off
  9. i made a few small edits to duisburg https://gyazo.com/df74cfaab427c85e81d3e28976624503 https://gyazo.com/931bf4253fd95bc3d30e5d228d0826db https://gyazo.com/8c0c9b6b7bceb758aecc850d509ae800 https://gyazo.com/91e2b8b9724cc7171f468c218f911e4f https://gyazo.com/0cb4a798d68161f5395571e3231cc0f5 https://gyazo.com/b50b5fbb4e7feb5e46f5f458275f20e1
  10. thanks for the replies turns out copy and paste dose not work now for some reason if i remove and add a number back its works
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