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  1. Sacrifice Feast a Public Holiday in Turkey


    The Sacrifice Feast is one of the oldest Islamic holidays in Turkey. It commemorates the story about Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) who showed obedience to God by agreeing to sacrifice his son. God then sent him a ram to be sacrificed instead. The Sacrifice Feast comes about 70 days after the Ramadan Feast. According to old belief it is unlucky to get married or start a new business in the period between these two holidays.

    Traditionally, on the first day of the Sacrifice Feast in Turkey, men of each family go to a mosque for a special morning prayer. Then the sacrifice ritual begins. In some regions in Turkey, people paint the sacrificial animal with henna and adorn it with ribbons. The butcher reads a prayer before slaughtering the animal. Families share about two-thirds of the animal’s meat with relatives and neighbors, and they traditionally give about one-third to the poor.

    In recent years, some Turkish people started making donations to charity organizations instead of sacrificing animals. Many people in Turkey take special care to help the poor during the Sacrifice Feast.

    People usually wear their best clothes during the Sacrifice Feast. They welcome guests to their homes or visit relatives or friends during the holiday. Many people in Turkey reserve the first day of the feast for visiting their closest relatives. Young people greet their older relatives and neighbors by kissing their hand as a sign of respect. Some people in Turkey may use the four-day holiday to go on a vacation.


    Bayramınız mübarek, Kurbanlarınız kabul olsun .


    Barış, sağlık, mutluluk, kardeşlik ve huzur dolu bir dünya ümidiyle... Kurban Bayramınız mübarek olsun.

    Kardeşliğimizi daha da güçlendiren bu güzel bayram coşkusunun ülkemize, milletimize, İslam âlemine, tüm insanlığa barış, huzur, mutluluk ve hayırlar getirmesini Allah'tan temenni ediyorum.

    Her gününüzün bayram coşkusu ve mutluluğu içinde sevdiklerinizle birlikte geçmesini diler; selam, sevgi ve saygılarımı sunarım.



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