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  1. This is my last post here on forums. Wont be playing mp anymore. Im done with this mp stuff. People playing it like its a nfs shit... Bye!

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    2. Cenaa


      Looks like you are frustrated! Maybe when you calm down things will change. Also if you are playing in EU2 server, what would you expect? Thats why there are other servers for you to join. Anyway, I hope I see you soon again :)  

    3. CroTruck


      @Cenaa not gonna change my mind . Tried that before this the last time Ive entered mp today . No more . I rather enjoy the game in SP with promods and different mods.. then waste my time in mp hoping people would actually make the game like it should be played , but no it keeps getting worse , not on eu2 but on eu1 also. And Im done with going to service station in the middle of my job .. 

    4. White Wolf.

      White Wolf.

      Hi Cro Truck,


      I know how you feeling but you could report this Trolls ingame.

      Or Report them over here on the Website with some Proofs ->

      The Feedback System would be an Idea too ->


      // Locked

  2. Congrats

    1. LamAll


      Thanks. :D 

  3. [SCS Blog] Beyond the Baltic Sea

    Awesome news!
  4. Good afternoon !

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    2. Mad Fox

      Mad Fox

      Good afternoon o/

    3. CroTruck


      @Crashon  hi buddy . How are you? 

    4. RequieB


      good morning

  5. bug ili samo kupi pa da ne radi.

    @brnatovic1983 Ets iliti SCS Software nema nikakve veze sa ovim . Do TMP-a je . Nije jos ubacen . Za sada ti je najbolje ne koristit paintjob-e te.
  6. Happy Birthday

    1. chevytime



  7. Employees not working after logged out

    Your employees only WORK when you are ingame . Been like that since the beginning.
  8. Soo busy last couple of days .. Dont even have time to join mp ... :/

    1. SimulatorExperiencer


      i hope everything is ok with you  :( sad to see a member  not playing  with us  on tmp :( i hope you can jump on and  play  


      but take it easy and  enjoy what you are doing  and have a lovely day/night man :) 



    2. CroTruck


      Thanks @SimulatorExperiencer this happens few times a month . Everything is fine . Im just busy with work and side promotions. 

  9. Anti Cheat (Memory Edit)

    Yes please!
  10. Word is that there is a new kid in town ! 



    1. Mad Fox

      Mad Fox

      I've tried this mod,so nice. 

    2. CroTruck


      @Crashon  which one ?


    3. Mad Fox

      Mad Fox

      this is,man

  11. Good Night , tomorrow is another work day! :D

    1. CrackPrewier


      Good Night,Sweet Dreams :)

    2. Mad Fox

      Mad Fox

      Good night o/ 

  12. Have a good day everyone!

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Thanks, you too ;) 

  13. So bored today .. Wth is going on ... 

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    2. CroTruck


      You get happy from that ? I get upset and cry. :(

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang


      I only suggest you. Ok let listen to music

    4. CroTruck


      Been doing that since 07:00