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  1. 48360608-2750690591822941-83678613193904
    Fireeeeeee :90:

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    2. CptJacker


      oh god its a real truck , i always wanted to drive one.

    3. [23]ThunderSky


      @CptJackerAlso a realistic night graphics ahah 

      You need 3x RTX2080 to run this xD 

    4. CptJacker
  2. Ku është gjuha ime e preferuar shqiptare? A je gjalle?

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    2. BlackEagleTMP



      Jam gjithmonë aktive. Ju megjithatë nuk u përgjigjeni tags tim.

    3. [ICE-VTC] TanFlicks

      [ICE-VTC] TanFlicks

      O.o nuk kam pas asnje tag prej teje

    4. BlackEagleTMP


      Sa për ju kontrolloni tim discord?

  3. Waiting for 1.33 Guys Forerunner is working on it. Be patient.
  4. BlackEagleTMP

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    Hello, You can get a steam signature Here.
  5. Join Forza Trucking Company today.. 
    More Info: 


  6. Good Night!

    1. TimeTimes


      Good night BlackEagle, sleep well

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. BlackSkill


      Good Evening ;) 

  7.  Join this girl as she plays some TMP! 

  8. BlackEagleTMP

    Forza Trucking - Gallery

    Nice pictures. Good luck with Forza!
  9. giphy.gif 

    "Keez has plans for today" ^^^:lol:

  10. Happy Birthday Mike

  11. Good luck with your VTC!
  12. BlackEagleTMP

    Little Things

    I love the community ideas for improvement but we are not able to make something like this, this would be SCS's job. I would however suggest you post those suggestions on SCS forum. They maybe need new ideas and maybe what you all suggesting would help them decide what do do faster. SCS is always looking on how to improve the gameplay and bring the "realistic" side to the game.
  13. I wish each a happy new week! 

  14. BlackEagleTMP Released

    mwl for president!