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  1. İsim değişti kelle gitti, kimsin tanımadım :troll:

  2. Your new nickname is very nice :P

    1. iFlufy


      R.I.P name --> 0zgur :D:D:D  

      Pray for 0zgur 

  3. Oyun İçine Yeni Güncellemeler Gelmeli

    suyundan da koyalım mı? hayal kurmak kolay tabi. ps: move to tr discussion please.
  4. dünden beri gelen geçen sana çarpıyor. :troll:


    1. Wallberg


      Bugün onlar bana çarpar, yarın TMP onlara çarpar :P@0zgur

    2. Carrera18


      Önemli olan allah çarpmasın :troll:

  5. Happy birthday C-D road cleaner.

  6. What song are you currently listening to?

  7. Favorite Music while driving Ingame

    90s country like this.
  8. Great Admin :D Retired :o Best of luck for the future :)

    I still remember that time at the first TMP Real Ops event when I slammed into the barrier right next to you :ph34r::lol: Scary moment :mellow:



    1. Anriandor


      Yeah indeed :unsure::wacko:


      But it is like in real life - people are coming and going -_-


      Who knows... :(

    2. KeepOnTruckin'


      I still remember that too :lol: I'm busy with my exams and thesis but I'm still part of TruckersMP team and community, I don't need a "red name" for help to others.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Luck with your exams and thesis :)

  9. "/FİX" Komutu İçin Oyunuzu Verin !

    Çıkacak sonuç belli,; "süre, sunucu hasar kısıtlaması olmadan dorse ile birlikte kullanılsın."
  10. Retired team member :(:(

  11. Hayatta başarılar yüreği temiz insan .