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  1. If it was a little bump and they apologize then I don't. But if it's obvious that they were driving like crazy or intentionally hitting you, then apologize to try and get away with it, I would still report them.
  2. I usually record to my capture card so if a troll rams me or something I can report them. Really just have it for reporting people if need be.
  3. Finally going to start using the TMP forums... lol


    Figured I've only been playing TMP for over 3 years so probably should get a bit more involved.

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    2. NAChase


      Thanks. Yea lol I've been here forever just never really felt the need to use the forum. But hey here we are.

    3. Caricature


      Welcome back :)

    4. Forraz


      Enjoy all the topics and if you have any questions about stuff within the Forum you can write me a Direct Message and I'll try to answer as best as I can o/

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