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  1. this games going from bad to even worse now.... my laptop supports both 32bit and 64bit and with ets2 it runs 10x better on 32bit, my secondary laptop only runs 32bit so now i carnt play online with that (pathetic choice from the admins tbh) also quite bad on how they use the same system on ets2mp on atsmp, national speedlimit '65' and only able to do '37' because your going over a town? can see this game going downhill very quickly now
  2. managed to get it installed, went to open it to check if it works and it wont work, can only find a 64bit download? the laptops only 32bit? anyone know where to find the 64bit download?
  3. hey, as in the title, i have both games so its not a problem for me, but on my partners she only has ets2, but when i try and download the latest MP download it wants the ATS directory, how do i get around this? thanks
  4. ksh2408

    Speed issue

    hi, definatly both in mph, also i noticed last night it was worse when i followed closely, if i left a gap it was only about a 5mph differance although it could be the fact that the laptops 5 years old and mines 2, thanks for your replies i will just keep my distance thanks
  5. ksh2408

    Speed issue

    hi all, first post on here, and after playing this for a month or two im confused..... my girlfriend got online yesterday and we was driving over the uk, on her screen she was doing 50mph lets say and on my screen i was doing 35mph. has anyone else had this happen before? bare in mind i was following exactly behind hopefully someone can helpppp thanks
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