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  1. How i need to change my nickname in game cuse i change this in steam profile and it still dont change
  2. I instaled and it dont work still In game disable feedback ? I find the problem why game crash becuse i conect to tv my computer and then it crash so now will try to change resoulotion and maybe i can play
  3. i use ACME Racing wheel RS
  4. Help me when i conect steering wheel to ets2 game crash steering wheel is working on other games please help
  5. i cant delete core_ets2mp.dll file oh it works thanks
  6. When i start ets2 mp it show this Help please
  7. LukisEma


    Jau atbanino mane. Karoce rase kad del nicko o kai susisiekiau su tuo admin sako tipo nesvanki foto XDDDD
  8. LukisEma


    Sveiki viis. Kas galit padet ir atsakyti ? Prisijungiu i ETS2 MP ir gaunu bana uz Nick bloga. Ka man dbr daryti ???
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