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  1. So i got 3rd topic locked, bcs first 2 got lock too, how im supossed to get the help? Is this a joke?

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    2. FirestarteR93


      to explain the fail: 2 of the FMs trashed both topics at the same time (after we laughed and made fun of their fail, the original topic was moved back)

    3. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      People are answering in your first topic. That's why the next 2 were locked and trashed. Take a look there and you'll find the answers to your problem.

    4. RuliiKkO


      Problem is that i got locked the 1st aswell, now its unlocked and idc anymore about the last 2. Thank you for reopening the 1st one, the help is needed)

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