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  1. Yep, a major bug has been found. And I tried to put an illegal accessory once to see what happened, and took it off immediately when the server gave me the boot. Man, what an update this has been. I feel sorry for the Truckers MP development team. In fact, one of my VTCs fellow VTCs members found a truck trailer glitch where someone went past and the truck and trailer looked like one.
  2. I got into ATS MP this afternoon, onto US1, in my pilot car, and I get two kick notices. The First, for my terrible internet, and the second, for being in the stupid car. Why has using the car been made grounds for being kicked? Who screwed up? Seriously? There are only two servers for ATS, And people actually use the thing for what it was intended. I was planning on doing that the day I posted this. I mean, I screw around in it, but I do it at the race track. If we could get a news post stating WHY, I'm pretty sure the community would appreciate it. We could at least have got a warning about
  3. I hope the image shows. This was taken in ETS2, but it's a Scania T Series Conventional mod on the steam workshop that I think should be added into ETS2 MP, along with the modders Parts Mod. The custom beacons on the truck from the parts mod make the picture even better (If modded trucks are not allowed, I have another pic that can be used for this instead). Pic Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=686240600
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