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  1. NexusDE

    Question about mods

    Hi, there! It's not possible to load any mods into Multiplayer. You can only load a Savegame without Mods into Multiplayer, so if you have a modded truck with standard game assets in your Savegame, then it will load the savegame with your modded truck, but the mod itself won't load in Multiplayer. Since that Mod would require resources not available in the Vanilla Client it wouldn't load the Truck, even if saved in your Savegame. LTDR: Not possible. Because Mods do not load into Multiplayer. greetings, - Nexus
  2. NexusDE

    How to use texture mods

    Not as far as I know. This is impossible because the truck is not only rendered for you, but also for everyone else, and the Information given, as an example a Texture Mod is not existing locally on other machines. So basically everyone would need to download the Mod, otherwise, their game is looking for a file, that doesn't exist. This results in Textures/Assets not being shown, basically Invisible Stuff or in crashing other players. If you would somehow manage to get that Texture loaded into the game using the TruckersMP Client I guess you would get kicked out again because of an invalid accessory set being detected. greetings, Nexus.
  3. NexusDE

    World of Trucks

    You can always connect a new Profile to World of Trucks, there is no limitation in terms of Profiles. As far as I remember, it's bound to your Steam Account, so make sure that you're using the correct Steam account. You could try to make a new World of Trucks Account and bind it to your current Profile, as long as it is linked to your Steam Account you should be able to complete the Event and obtain the Rewards. I never had an issue with binding my World of Trucks Account to a new Profile, I had multiple different PCs and Profiles with the same World of Trucks Account. greetings, Nexus
  4. NexusDE

    Encode a Truck

    Wrong. Save editing itself is allowed.
  5. NexusDE

    Custom skin's in MP

    Exactly, but what's the point then? Because those Skins are there to distinguish the VTC's, so if everybody except for the VTC Members is unable to see the Skin, that "attention" and "uniqueness" isn't given since for every other player the Truck just looks like every other one. I understand, why people want to be unique in TMP, I'm driving Hybrid Trucks myself, to be unique. That local Solution I mentioned was meant to be clientside, exactly what you wrote at the end of your comment. But TruckersMP shouldn't host Servers for this purpose, it's the VTC's Job to host those Mods. TruckersMP would just have to find a solution to display those Mods, the easiest solution, in my opinion, is following: - Add a Placeholder for the VTC-Paintjob, which is a default texture unless changed. - Now players can replace the Placeholder with any Skin of their desire, so basically a Local mod only they can see. - VTC's offer those Skins to replace the Placeholders on their Website/Steam group This would offer security to TMP, since there is NO 3RD PARTY STUFF on their Servers. But this has one Downside, unless there are multiple Placeholders, you would get other Players with your VTC Trailer, since everyone is allowed to tow that placeholder trailer, it's just displayed as your VTC Trailer to YOU. Would this miss the point? Yes, absolutely. (in my opinion) But this would maybe allow for more in-depth local Modifications if we're already at making Local Skins, why can't we change our Steering wheels as well? Why don't we just mod in Trucks we like into the game? If this gets implemented, we need to restrict those Local Modifications to Paintjobs ONLY! Edit: Maybe we should just make a 3rd Party solution to this, and not involve TruckersMP into this at all? I can't imagine, that anything else than a client-side only solution would be appropriate. And in this case we could make stuff for ourselves, you could theoretically already do this, by just replacing client-side game files. (Very superficial) Just replace a normal Trailer's Paintjob with your own and get it (somehow) into Multiplayer. Theoretically, there would be no need for TMP to involve into this. (It's not as easy as that, because my guess is, that the game would detect modified game-files and crash, and implementing just a path somewhere won't work in Multiplayer since Local Mods are disabled, there we go with my suggested solution again.)
  6. NexusDE

    Custom skin's in MP

    I don't know if that's such a great idea... How would you want to implement those skins? As mods? I wouldn't want to download 900 Skins to my Hard Drive, just to see other players drive around with those VTC Skins. And how would you regulate this? When is a VTC big enough, that it deserves an own Skin in TMP? I'm not really interested, it depends on the implementation because I wouldn't like to update my Client every day to download 2 new Skins of some random VTC I never heard of. You could make some sort of Local Solution, so every VTC Member should download the required resources, so ONLY THE VTC MEMBERS (who have installed the skins) can see those. greetings, Nexus.