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  1. Amiga600

    Kicked from game with - You are not owner of some DLC you use.

    Many Thanks, both for the quick reply, and it has now worked.
  2. From American Truck Simulator after purchasing Oregon DLC: [15:54:40] Connecting to Europe server... [15:54:41] Connection established (position in queue: 0). [15:54:45] Connection refused. You are not owner of some DLC you use. I do own the DLC, I bought it via Steam, so I have no idea why your MP is saying I did not.
  3. ^ Perhaps have this kinda thing: * /FIX = Trailer Only * /FIXCAB = Fix Truck Cabin * and /FIXALL = Both Truck+Trailer perhaps? or even /FIX [Truck/Trailer/Full] as one command
  4. Personally The /FIX command is good - and you dont need to use it everywhere, Just use it before you drop off your delivery, and/or when your truck/trailer gets so badly damaged it cuts out, simple eh? The NoDamage mod is basically cheating/hacking/modifying the client/server code which is why it was banned, because it gave others an unfair advantage over those without using the NoDamage. This /FIX command is actually a lot better, it means you dont need to modify the game code anymore, and its a simple 2-second type in the textbox and BAM! all fixed
  5. Well I can see both sides of the coin on this one, so I shall add my 10 cents: For No Damage Yes it was handy to have, especially with Trolls about, But you can Adjust your Route to avoid C-D road in your map, You do not have to take the computer generated route all the time, I love changing the map route on jobs, it also helps you to explore unexplored(Grey) roads and then you can also look at some Beautiful Scenery the SCS Guys added into the game instead of going down the same old roads and routes and seeing nothing new, and then Whining "oh I got damaged again" Against "No Damage" The problem with allowing NoDamage, is it was turning folks into "dont care less" attitude, they were accelerating on purpose just to hit your truck with more power and cause more damage. Now NoDamage has been cancelled: Ideally now the NoDamage mod has been cancelled off completely, I would vote 100% for ALL servers to be Speed Limited - after all this is a Trucking Game, and NOT Gran Turismo - If folks wanna speed around like idiots, they should invest in an Online Racing Game, and NOT perform such stupid stunts in a Trucking Game, This includes all Vehicles (Cars+Trucks) to be Speed Limited.
  6. Amiga600 Released

    Thankyou so much
  7. Amiga600

    TruckersMP Real Operations

    Ok? OK?! - I think we can do better than that! https://youtu.be/sHL6w-zWnTg?t=8
  8. Amiga600

    TruckersMP Real Operations

    Many Thanks to everyone who made this Event possible. Very nice and realistic accidents, loved waiting in the long line of truck queues, superb. Would love to do more Events when they come up, I will be keeping my eyes open for more. Thanks All! Hourly Player Counts on Event Server: 1700 UK - Event (EV) - Players: 209 of 1000 1800 UK - Event (EV) - Players: 409 of 1000 1900 UK - Event (EV) - Players: 994 of 1000 2000 UK - Event (EV) - Players: 994 of 1000 2100 UK - Event (EV) - Players: 995 of 1000
  9. Amiga600

    double trailer

    If they do add Doubles into MP - I really hope they consider adding a timer before you can use them, say, 3 months in MP before allowed to drive Doubles. That way, noobs cannot just grab Doubles and mess up other people - as im sure they will be abused by a few, just like Cars are now in MP
  10. Amiga600

    Rate the song above you.

    ^ 8/10 I may as well have a jab at this, and I present this:
  11. Amiga600

    No Jobs in the Freight Market

    What I've found is that you could TP to Repair, that no longer works no more. However, if you TP to a Garage you own in the city, the jobs will return back, so try that
  12. Amiga600

    ETS2MP Ingame keys ineffective

    In ETS2MP if I press "Y" to talk, the bar comes up, but then if I press any keys, they go into ETS2 screens while I am trying to type. Please see video for explanation. When I open the Text box up, and I press other keys, they type into that text box, and also open up any ingame screen with that letter. This only occurs in ETS2MP not in ATSMP. I cannot talk via voice ingame either with the "X" key, it does not show a voice symbol bottom right like it should do.
  13. Amiga600 has been released.

    Excellent News - Well done to the team
  14. Amiga600

    [TJA]Manuel[PT] Ramming dav0r

    1. Server: EU1 2. Date: 11th April 2015 3. Time: 20:04 UK Time 4. Place: Near Brussels 5. Perpetrator: [TJA]Manuel[PT] 6. Steam URL or Steamid64: [TJA]Manuel[PT] 76561198090301779 7. Description: Ramming dav0r 8. Video/Picture:
  15. Amiga600

    Trolling Convoy - Bankz

    We (the group) were being trolled all over the place, infact I did not know until recently that the Hotel was NCZ as in previous versions it was not a NCZ, I was advised by a Admin to file the report, as they got there too late to see it (sorry I forgot the admins name)