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      my favorite player cover. 

      "eye of the tiger" :D

  2. 24 February - Last day at work ^_^

  3. AFK until new setup is up and running :ph34r:

  4. And Vodafone India not picking up on IP addresses that are hacking :huh: or trying to...

  5. Any chance somebody got a copy of my old website? :(


    Lost the backup during the move, looking for the same layout (theme)

    1. Penguin
    2. MetaltigerEU


      Sweet, thx bud :)

    3. Penguin


      Noot worries, glad I could help :P Waddle on!

  6. Concrete mixer trailer update 1.26.x for who ever wants it :troll:




    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      this replaces all trailer with the concrete mixer does it? I have a mod for it already but it doesn't replace all trailers :rolleyes:

    2. MetaltigerEU


      Yeah I missed a few trailers, DLC's I didn't touch

    3. MetaltigerEU
  7. Explains it pretty much about right  @Salguero


  8. New setup up and running... Not to bad for a starter :):wub:


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    2. MetaltigerEU


      Hi, what mod you talking about exactly?

    3. Casu


      Trailers color mod!

    4. MetaltigerEU


      Think you got the wrong modder, I never did trailer color changer

  9. RIP Kane Pro keyboard :( Coffee has won this time <_<

  10. Thinking of moving back to the UK (maybe one the Channel islands if is UK out)...  :huh:

  11. WTF??? Permanently banned for what??? 

    :mellow: I am lost for words honestly :blink:



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    2. IpilkAlaus


      This clearly shows the professionalism of some of the admins out there.

    3. Whitelodge


      @MetaltigerEU I will find you on the webcams around Guernsey. Lovely island isn't it? Spent many a summer there on holiday on our boat xD


      Hope you get your ban stuff sorted out bud and keep in touch

    4. Whitelodge


      In fact @MetaltigerEU i can see it on the webcam now in Victoria marina ;(

  12. 4 Trailers added to the collection (Volvo trailer, Scania trailer, empty truck transport trailer and livestock trailer)

  13. AFK due to work...

  14. AFK till further notice…

  15. AFK till further notice...

    1. [S.PLH]Warrior
    2. MetaltigerEU


      On what now? I went on holiday xP (no pc for a few days)

  16. All download link fixed (ShareMods loosing the files... - Fladbed, Cement & Schmitz trailers where effected)

    1. Creatured
    2. Flashylights


      He have a site where mods is and is allowed

  17. Almost Friday :) Preparing to hunt the Telletubies down the weekend..

  18. Done...

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    2. Khalifa


      Hello, can I make a new interior Dafa, and push it into the old

    3. MetaltigerEU


      Hey, think you can, seems possible. I can't remember as I did this years ago. I remember a crash thou so not sure with the engines updates now a days.

  19. ETS2MP pensioner, see ya guys around ;)

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