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  1. Picture of the Month: September (Winners)

    Wow! Well what do you know, a standard quick job Mercedes Benz Actros is good for something
  2. Whats the liink for your site that had ets2mp mods on it? I need the container trailer only mod

  3. Awesome, another person from Guernsey in the game :)

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    2. Slice'N'Dice


      Wondering fi an can qualify under Permanent Resident Certificate (6(1)(a))


    3. MetaltigerEU


      To be honest, I think you would qualify since all channel island are under UK partnership agreement. 

    4. Slice'N'Dice


      Apparently not. Looking at the gov website, I was born there of Guernsey parents and have Guernsey grandparents but I was no longer resident after 3 years old (parents moved away) which was many, many moons ago (over 30 years and more). This puts a dampner on it. oh well.


      We can all deam eh! :P


  4. Released

    Right click on "TruckersMP" shorcut, Properties, Compatibility tab and tick "Run this program as an administrator", press ok and double click TruckersMP as normal. Error should be gone, this what worked for me Take it every one has Win10 with this error...
  5. New setup up and running... Not to bad for a starter :):wub:


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    2. MetaltigerEU


      Hi, what mod you talking about exactly?

    3. #URU - Casu

      #URU - Casu

      Trailers color mod!

    4. MetaltigerEU


      Think you got the wrong modder, I never did trailer color changer

  6. AFK until new setup is up and running :ph34r:

  7. Concrete mixer trailer update 1.26.x for who ever wants it :troll:



    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      this replaces all trailer with the concrete mixer does it? I have a mod for it already but it doesn't replace all trailers :rolleyes:

    2. MetaltigerEU


      Yeah I missed a few trailers, DLC's I didn't touch

    3. MetaltigerEU
  8. Hi friend. Are you updating the concrete mixer mode? Could you please.


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    2. MetaltigerEU


      Missed a few trailers but o well :lol:

      No errors on SP or MP... :P


      Mod attached, load in SP and save, load in MP & drive






    3. Can1994Can


      thanks my friend. 

    4. MetaltigerEU


      Use this instead


      Convoy Picnic Mod

  9. 2 days left ^_^

    1. Kravatie
    2. Anriandor


      ^ till his last day at work

    3. MetaltigerEU
  10. 24 February - Last day at work ^_^

  11. Thinking of moving back to the UK (maybe one the Channel islands if is UK out)...  :huh:

  12. Sunday evening... Monday is coming x_x

    1. DounatMonster
    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Would Kravday be like the start of WW2?

    3. heyhococo
  13. ETS2MP pensioner, see ya guys around ;)