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  1. [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    I saw a unicorn once
  2. And Vodafone India not picking up on IP addresses that are hacking :huh: or trying to...

  3. Custom skin's in MP

    Could be done, if you use like IVAO MTL rules as for an example. Requirement of minimum drivers in company for skin add would limit to less unused skins. Limit companies to truck models for less skins. Every month or 2nd update of library. Option for skins can be included in the launcher if you want to download it. Paintjobs .sii file for all players (which is a few MB's, not much) in the main mod. Option to download the skins. Paintjobs .sii file will basically load the texture (skin) if you have downloaded it, else it would just show the basic color that is in the .sii file. It is the same with DLC, DLC load texture, no DLC load basic color from .sii file. Anyway, back to work for me... <?php echo 'It is better to be crazy, then being insane!'; ?>
  4. RIP Kane Pro keyboard :( Coffee has won this time <_<

  5. Picture of the Month: October

    Bordem, playing around with the camera at sundown




      my favorite player cover. 

      "eye of the tiger" :D

  7. Any chance somebody got a copy of my old website? :(


    Lost the backup during the move, looking for the same layout (theme)

    1. Penguin
    2. MetaltigerEU


      Sweet, thx bud :)

    3. Penguin


      Noot worries, glad I could help :P Waddle on!

  8. Picture of the Month: September (Winners)

    Wow! Well what do you know, a standard quick job Mercedes Benz Actros is good for something
  9. Whats the liink for your site that had ets2mp mods on it? I need the container trailer only mod

  10. Awesome, another person from Guernsey in the game :)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Slice'N'Dice


      Wondering fi an can qualify under Permanent Resident Certificate (6(1)(a))


    3. MetaltigerEU


      To be honest, I think you would qualify since all channel island are under UK partnership agreement. 

    4. Slice'N'Dice


      Apparently not. Looking at the gov website, I was born there of Guernsey parents and have Guernsey grandparents but I was no longer resident after 3 years old (parents moved away) which was many, many moons ago (over 30 years and more). This puts a dampner on it. oh well.


      We can all deam eh! :P


  11. Computer advice

    CCL Clearance Just my opinion, all laptops are downgraded from there full true power they should have been. Just to save power and battery life, Manufactures used this to boost the spec sheet without truly saying the negatives. End of the day, you will need to upgrade sooner then later. Gaming = Desktop Anyway, laptops due come handy. Always needed something fancy as a coffee tray. o look at something like this AMD A8 £321.42 and maybe look at start building a gaming desktop Just what I would do..
  12. Released

    Right click on "TruckersMP" shorcut, Properties, Compatibility tab and tick "Run this program as an administrator", press ok and double click TruckersMP as normal. Error should be gone, this what worked for me Take it every one has Win10 with this error...