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  1. Real live operations during the day, car crashes into the gas station and fire 🔥 🚒








  2. Delivering special order together with spectacular landscapes







  3. Valentine Event 😍






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    2. NorthSprouts


      Nice photos 🙂 

    3. Türkiye Log I Yusuf
    4. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      Thanks guys, i try to do a great job of photography 😆 

  4. SuperCesta VTC 










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    2. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      Yes, it took me about 25 minutes looking for an almost perfect combination, thanks very much 🤪

    3. NorthSprouts
    4. Gun Powder
  5. The servers are like failing too much, why? ? ? ? ? 

  6. The lack of professionalism in many game moderators is very remarkable these days in Paris. What a shame. -_-

  7. Thank you all the people that helped this great event and even special greeting to the coordinator who made all this possible that is @Digital, also thank the whole community for attending the event and support this. @Forerunner Thanks for your mods :) 



  8. Feliz Cumpleaños pollito :lol:

  9. Hello,


    I know that this is not the right medium for this, but I do not start it as a discussion, I will simply tell you because I have made a comment directly to the person in charge and not for feedback.

    Mainly I would have done it for a long time to the Feedback and not to the forums if at my request for two months excatos that I asked to close a Feedback that until now has not been closed. I have requested 3 times that so far have not had an answer which is too long.


    Regarding recruitments, it is not an easy task for the person in charge, but it must also be borne in mind that extending them frequently is not ideal.


    Once again I apologize for writing this here, but it is the only way and space where I can express what I have to say about something.





  10. Remember that when you extend recruitments and people who already applied for this position and were rejected can not apply again, this happens 1 month ago, do not you think you should take some time and open recruits later without extending them?

    1. Smalley




      If you feel as though this is a certain issue to be discussed then don’t hesitate to send a ticket to feedback. But for the time being I will give you a bit of help on your question.


      So, this could be because of these reasons 


      1. Bluebass hasnt found a suitable person who could fit the role in the way (Could be due to lack of content within the app or other things) 


      2. As said above he most likely didnt close the apps due to the fact that he did not get the amount of people he wanted so he extended it to try and find people who are capable of the role. Although it maybe extended, it doesnt mean its going to stay extended forever. You would have to wait for the next recruitment thats all.


      However if you have anymore issues with this then feel free to make a feedback ticket and one of our higher staff members will be more then willing to help your situation in need :) 


      Thank you very much



  11. What is the problem if I want to go slow? Maybe if you go fast do not say "Go slow with that you will be more secure"?


  12. What is the true average for a Feedback to respond?

    More than 1 week is already a deficiency :angry:

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    2. NetyTV


      I waited only 2 days in December :huh:

    3. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      But it takes a long time just to answer a Feedback I do not think they take much time.

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Depends as they probably have loads of feedback

  13. Buena!! :v 

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    2. Dr'Dri


      Quien es el primero ? :V


    3. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      Un Admin que se llama Raichu BE vive en Belgica, pero es colombiano. 

    4. Dr'Dri


      haaaa okey :D 


  14. Congrats my friend. :P 

    1. LUIG


      Thanks my friend

  15. 2,000,000 yesterday nice 

    1. Mirko9


      Probably you did not read this



    2. Gun Powder

      Gun Powder

      ????? AND ?????

  16. Is this legal?



    1. InvasiveSpark
    2. Syntackz


      no he broke below rule.you can report him. :) 

      §2.11 Doubles and triples

      You are not allowed to save edit the double or triple trailers, except for changing the paint job.

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