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  1. ^ I dont have a windows device, and i dont wanna get it on my mac and trust me i want to because of other games. its just that i need my mac for school and want the most memory. Can you help me with using Wine bottler? maybe on skype or something?
  2. ^ i dont want to get windows for the reason i need the most memory on mac for school. Where should i put the directory? is it ok if i put it on dekstop ok i somehow managed to put it in the ETS2 mod folder even though it says its not supported. lets see how this goes
  3. what does it mean when it says this " please seect your euro truck simaltor 2 directory" i got it working i think. i have ets 2 on steam it gives me 3 options. 1.drive_c 2.Wine bottler COmbo 3. installer
  4. http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ You can run window applications on mac. I heard people have done this before i just dont know how to work it
  5. Hey guys, im sad to hear that after so many number of requests there is no multiplayer mod for mac. so i found out about wine, how can i use it for ets2mp mod for mac. Any videos? any tips? i searched on youtube but they are either too old or not what im looking for. specs: late 2015 15" retina with dual graphics
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