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  1. Thanks for the reply I will try this but the links for xp and money mods don't seem to load It's ok there working now Hi sorry to be a bother again but I don't think the money mod is working as I'm getting 1.000 sometimes more every time I take a job I installed it the way you showed me with the Savegame as it's a ear mod is that the right way to do it Edit working now
  2. Or can you use the money and xp mod when you've just started Edit the money and xp link seems to be broken
  3. Ok I think I will use the xp and money mod but how do I use it in multiplayer when I don't have any xp or money like how do I set it up
  4. Sorry for another question but is their any way you can change the name as it says for me ETS2Mods.org
  5. Thank you so much it's working now think it was me not opening with winrar
  6. Hi I'm having a problem when installing a save game as I can't seem to get it working I place it in the ets 2 profile folder then when I start multiplayer the profile isn't their. Now I'm new to the mp side of the game so I think I'm doing something wrong any help is appreciated
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