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  1. On 30/03/2018 at 9:47 PM, Prime said:

    Requirements for event servers have been defined more strictly since we've seen an increasing amount of servers set up on request for only a very small amount of attendants (20-30 or less).

    Seperate servers are meant to be used to divert a heavy load of traffic for an event away from the main servers so that other players are not impacted by performance spikes because of that event. An event with few pplayers attending can be organised perfectly without significant impact on our main servers, as can be seen by many player and VTC organised convoys (of which some get a good amount of players attending) that go by without other players having issues.


    To avoid event servers being abused outside of there intended use the decision was made to make the requirements more strict and to add some extra rules.


    Because the requirements for event servers were changed, the requirements for having a temporary ruleset accepted for the events were also updated and as a final change the requirements for recognition as a major event were also updated to be aligned with the temporary ruleset requirements.

    One problem with this though no one who does events can be 100% sure how many are going to turn up until the day of the event. As anyone can say there going then not show up so it now makes it impossible to get a server. So this is going to back fire on a lot of events out there.

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  2. TBH this is stupid it's are servers we're asking for yeah we break the rules on blocking the road. But not like we're stopping to go a different way as if they wanted to do that there on the wrong server anyway. Also with the police cars yeah for for TMP MODS but it does help alot when event staff use them even if there was a way we give TMP a list of people to use the police cars and if there not on the list they get kicked like we would in another server.  

  3. so now we can't use police cars for events. I think tmp should do a green beacon or something so event staff can use and that so people know who they are. This just a idea nothing else 

  4. 14 hours ago, weiller.sathler said:


    I don't know how hit someone makes a game "funny", it's against the rules.

    I know, some errors are funny, but proposital and irresponsable overtaken, illegal racers and rammers are not funny at all.


    And I really think about it, some guys just want to have fun, just catch some skoda and see how fast it's go. But the point is "my rights to play without damage is valid too"

    What i mean is you can tell when someone didn't mean to hit you or if there lagging really bad that bit is funny. Part from that then yes i'd would report people but i don't really get any hassle. Must be just luck i suppose.

  5. i don't report anyone as i find it funny some times just makes the game little more fun or less it's really bad then i would. I do agree on the situation that if they apologise then should let them off or as i said if it's bad then use the report system.

  6. Hi I'm Alexandros I'm a community manager at VTC Charity Events Where we only deal with ETS and ATS events so a new discord has been made called VTC Charity Event You can come and advertise your VTC events or you can join the discord to find out what Events are happening...... discord link https://discord.gg/ectWfUJ 

  7. On 29/03/2017 at 3:13 PM, sgpch1983 said:

    i still think ets2/ats and the mp need a age restricion.. 18 or 21 would be a good age to be allowed to play this i think.. just my opinion.


    i fully understand the op on this..

    can't put an age limit on the game as it's not fair when the games rated 3+ sometimes you get the younger ones doing great at driving. All we can do is enjoy the way you play the game 

  8. On 01/05/2016 at 11:44 PM, Clarkinator said:




    So as you may be aware, the latest update that's soon to come out includes a car for everyone that they can buy from any truck dealership. You can get it in a number of colours and even a Pilot paintjob for regular use however, these cool new additions to the game don't come without some restrictions as new rules have also been added because of this.


    New Rules:


    EDIT: Players may be able to see the Police paintjob and addons for their vehicles however driving them with these paintjobs as a regular player results in an immediate and automatic kick from the server.


    Now, enjoy the trailer that our amazing Media team made below.



    that looks awesome would make the game feel real well closely it can great work to you all :D 


  9. On 1/6/2016 at 4:28 AM, Seanster said:

    That's why you don't use insults against ppl. Try insulting ppl without using insulting words like idiot or moron or stuff like that.

    Here a few Examples:

    • A google car is safer then you
    • You should've gone to specsavers
    • Next time, at least try to drive
    • Here's a tip to be a good driver, don't hit things and stay on the road
    • If i facepalmed as hard as you suck at driving, I'd knock myself out. (This one might be borderline ban)
    • I'm laughing so hard at your attempt at driving milk came out of my nose, I'm not even drinking milk.

    And don't forget to record them and post it on youtube.

    haha i love the google car one actually made me laugh think i'll be using that one 



    On 1/6/2016 at 6:22 PM, GaminK said:

    I always look before pulling out and always have my mirror distance on max and look around vehicle so i don't hit somebody and mistakes can be made you know.

    that is true but there's nothing i could have done as he the one that pulled out on me when i was turning off the motorway at Rotterdam to head to Amsterdam 

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  10. i know should report people but didn't have chance to as soon it happened i got kicked even though i had the right to turn before that guy pulled out all that needs to happened really is the admin need more training BUT that's my opinion on that matter so PLEASE NO 1 take it to heart and @Detective Adachi the guy was in a truck and so was i so he couldn't say he didn't see me coming 

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  11. yeah that true and i know i'm thinking the same just goes to show most people don't read the rules i have i did wrong today calling the guy an idiot but he clearly seen him as he stopped then moved off into me 

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